Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Supercarrier Enabled!

Late last week my Director Max came to me and said he found someone in the alliance who was looking to offload their Wyvern and preferred to keep it in the alliance. "Hey!" I said, "I'm in the alliance!"

So I contacted the fellow and we negotiated and agreed to a price that I felt was a steal considering it came fitted with faction and deadspace modules.

My payment for E-ON #19's Testflight article came in and I had the required ISK. I logged in last night to fire some evemails off to arrange things and he was online. "Want to do the exchange now?"

"Sure," I answered, "Why not?"

Even though we had no reason to not trust each other, we agreed to ask a member of Paxton Federation's High Council to act as a third party to hold the ISK in escrow during the exchange. Its best to be prudent in Eve. We searched around for a member of the High Council that was online and not on a roam, and realized Max was the only one. I thought it was weird to suggest my own director but the Wyvern owner was fine with that, rationalizing that getting scammed by two people in a respected corp like M3 was unlikely.

As we prepared for the exchange, a report of a fleet of 20 hostiles roaming went out and we stood down, not interested in having a mishap in the exchange (and my counterpart perhaps wondering if I was a plant). The reds moved on, local was alliance only, and we met at a friendly POS.

As I approached the ship, I was in awe at how big it was and how easily seen from a distance.

He exited the supercarrier, I boarded it, and Max transferred the ISK. Deal done. Here is the camera looking at the front of the ship, examining the flight decks.

Side note: if you board a ship fitted with modules you do not have the skills to use, they simply go offline. I wasn't sure before last night.

Surprisingly agile for a big ship. Compared to a freighter it feels nimble.

In warp to a deep safe spot. Never log off at a POS! You don't know if it will be bubbled to hell and besieged  when you come back.

Standing watch over the system.

This is not the end of Project Wyvern of course. I need to do a lot of skilling up for Fighter Bombers, the Remote ECM Burst, and Caldari Carrier V for 20 drones/fighters of doom. I need to rebuild the wallet so I can afford some fighter-bombers and some more drones, and some fancy implants.

NOTE: For anyone ready to say "you shouldn't get the ship until everything is ready for you to fly it" I can only respond with: this is how I like to play my game, start with something tangible and improve it over time. Besides, the purchase was a steal at current supercarrier prices.

For the curious, here is the current setup. This is not taking into account any implant effects.

Question for the masses: I've heard that rigs you do not have the skills for still work if someone else installed them. Is this true? I'm going to train Jury Rigging IV anyways but would like to know if the CCC II rigs are doing any good already.


  1. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Congratz on getting the Supercarrier.

    CCC rigs only seem useful if you want to prolong the life of your active modules, so it's your choice wether or not to keep them.

  2. Gratz on finally workin that all out.

    So with the new changes coming, how are you gonna work MOM storage??

    ....excuse me, Supercarrier storage.....

  3. Even though super deep safes are nerfed in Tyrannis, regular deep safes will suffice barring a brilliant probing job or aggro timer.

    As for parking the ship when i want out, I'm training up an alt specifically for the task. The alt will be able to sit in the ship roughly about the same time I'm done training all the skills which is roughly about the same time my available free time should increase. i.e. about 5 months.

    Its a long term plan but for someone like me who's been playing solid since fall 2006, 5 months is relatively short time period.

  4. just because you cant warp to 500 au out of system doesnt mean you cant be effectively hidden within a system. it just means youll be a hell of a lot easier to probe out.

    as for the fit, looks like that fit was from before the supercarrier buff, and you might be better off refitting for efhp rather than an active tank. 17mil efhp seems a bit low for a super cap. also id highly reccomend some cal nav pds for your lows over the true sansha, they give better shield hp bonus.

  5. Yeah, I'm going to be re-visiting the fit and upgrading some more modules over the next couple months.

  6. Hi.

    For the rigs, it's true. I had the problem with a rigged catalyst (cargo space) and an alt. You have the bonus, but full malus if any (not the case for CCC II)

  7. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Just to confirm what Jivane has said, you get the full bonus of the rig if it was put on by someone else. The penalty is the appropriate one for your skills.

    Did this with some PvE ships a while back,and it worked like a charm.

  8. Here to concur with Talinth. A buffer tank seems to be the way to go with supercarriers these days; with a full rack of hardeners (and maybe a sensor booster) plus T2 extender rigs, the Wyvern can hit upward of 50 million EHP even without x-type or officer mods, and it takes a ~long~ time to for reps from a capital booster to add up to 33 million.

  9. Gratz on the big boat... you realise you are chained to it now, right?

    Any plans of bringing it to X-R? :)))

  10. And congo-rats on being a Mom.

    was also curious, if it will take you 5 months for the alt to fly the super-cap. How are you going to move around until then?

    What about your Sunday night roaming gank fights?

    Still love the Providence picture.


  11. Yes, rigs that have already been applied work just fine even if you don't have the skills to use them. They give the same bonus, but the drawback is worse; if you are in a rigged ship with rigs that you do not have the skill trained for at all, you still get the bonuses but with full drawbacks. For Capacitor Control Circuits, nothing is really different.

    Things you should definitely do, IMO:

    1. Get Caldari Navy power diagnostics. They're the only ones in the game that provide +6% shields.

    2. Get a faction or officer cloak ASAP. Tech I cloaks on supercaps are terrible. Kaikka's Modified Cloaking Device is pretty reasonable.

    3. Replace that CDFE rig with a tech II version. Then, I would also suggest you replace one of the CCCs with another CDFE II.

    4. Consider a faction/officer boost amplifier, or perhaps better yet, replacing the boost amplifier with another Caldari Navy or Dread Guristas Invulnerability Field.

    5. Get Nanite Control and Neurotoxin Recovery skillbooks and then train them to IV and then V. Carry some nice blue pill boosters.

    6. See if you can't replace some of those Gist hardeners with the better Pith variations.

  12. I understand your impulse to get the ship and then learn the fittingz! I am able to learn the carriers skill today but I am waiting. Did I really say that? Yes I want to work on my shield skills first to fit it properly. I am only going for a Thanatos but with this ship I want to not fit it according to abilities. I have so many unfinished fits its not funny. Well done on the s-carrier!

  13. Anonymous4:46 am

    we got paid for those EON #19 articles?!?!

    congratulations by the way! I always loved the wyrvern's looks :-)

  14. congrats on the new toy!

  15. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Congrats on the new big ship. It sure looks impressive (and I'm not a big fan of the Caldari cap ship looks).

    Is Max playing again, or was it a different Max that left the game a while back (your post Sad Day, 21 Feb)?

    I'm seeing some strong banding on some of the screen shots - do others see these? Not sure if its the pic itself or something at my end.

    I guess you're OK with the hassle of having to always have an alt in the ship and log it off in a deep safe. Too much for me, for sure. That'll limit your PvP in gangs, won't it, at last until the alt's trained up?

  16. Banding... you mean from the POS force field?

    You, Max came back, the very next day, thought he was a goner but max came back, the very next day away.

    Re: PvP - my time with the new baby is so limited that its not a big deal for the summer to be sitting in it. Plus I got my PvP alts Kla'strit and Derranna to get my into any action if need be.