Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Federation Strikes Back

Late in 2013 Aideron Robotics moved into Heydieles and fought a pitched battle against our Caldari Militia but ultimately were overwhelmed and turfed out.

We regrouped in nearby Yvangier which is not actually part of the warzone, and after the turn of the new year we decided to get back into the thick of things by moving to the warzone system of Fliet, next door to Heydieles.

Almost immediately after we moved in our old foes in the OLD MAN GANG alliance (part of Caldari Militia) began to assault the system and we quickly moved to a defensive posture, running plexes, recruiting pilots and allies, and holding the line.

Today we can celebrate:

Fliet is stable and in our hands. Now we need to hold the line and start pushing back at Heydieles.

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