Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Heydieles Won! ... For Now...

Last week I talked about how the War in Essence was going strong:

However, the previous Caldari Militia occupents of this area have found back retaking Deven and Fliet, and have been making a concerted effort to retake Heydieles over the past week which has required some heroic efforts from many members of Aideron and in the militia to hold the line.
Our enemies in OLD MAN GANG (aka OMG) pushed hard in the week since and on Saturday morning Heydieles actually passed into vulnerable state for a brief moment. It looked like despite our best efforts we would not be able to hold the system and plans were being discussed about evac destinations.

And then.... nothing.

We pushed back from the brink and nothing game out of Fliet where OMG based. We deplexed all Saturday and Sunday the sun rose with no Red Dawn. We continued deplexing all Sunday and declared the defense a victory. On Monday night we deplexed the system back to zero. Go over to corpmate Vic Vorlon's blog for a short celebratory video.

A medal was awarded as well:

Assuming OMG is done trying to take Heydieles and is moving on to another target, our next goal is to stabilize systems in Essence and expand our sphere of influence while rebuilding the market in Heyd to attract more militia members and corps to live there for more security.

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