Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The War In Essence Continues

A couple weeks ago during a large Gallente Militia (aka GalMil) push prior to TEST alliance joining faction warfare, the faction warfare system in Essence we recaptured from the Caldari and flags were planted in Ladister and Heydieles, the latter the system our corporation, Aideron Robotics, considers our ancestral home.

However, the previous Caldari Militia occupents of this area have found back retaking Deven and Fliet, and have been making a concerted effort to retake Heydieles over the past week which has required some heroic efforts from many members of Aideron and in the militia to hold the line.

Ship/Pod kills over last 48 hours

This has resulted in a lot of kills in Heydieles over a week period:
From Oct 30 to Nov 5
Sure, its not as high as the front lines in Niswua and Innia but it is a constant thrash of deaths for what is usually a quiet low sec system.

Our main opponents, OLD MAN GANG alliance is primarily Russian time zone so the plexing is going back and forth, but they have over double our numbers so without allies we are fighting uphill on the contested values. On the upside, even when deplexing we're seeing plenty of PvP.

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Aideron Robotics is still recruiting, and looking to expand our Euro division!

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