Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Say What?!

Um, come again?

EDIT UPDATE: Hearing it is just a troll now. If its not a troll, I'll have more to say later. If it is, consider me well trolled.


  1. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Come again?
    Joint empire assaults from who? Pirates? Inter-empire conflict?

    Lots of people getting blown up in 0.5 systems when they undock?

  2. The 0.5 sec with no CONCORD is apparently a troll.

  3. It's a good troll. And should be considered as a 'special event'.

    Hell, boost the faction police if needed; but allow a mostly powerful faction police, rather than an all powerful concord.

  4. Hi. I'm authorised to sell the Jita-Amarr bridge. This secret facility allows instantaneous travel between the two systems and has up until now been the property of CONCORD (how do you think the police arrive so fast!).

    You've been selected as one of an elite group of premier investors that we feel will be able to develop this amazing business opportunity. To register interest please send a nominal handling fee of 500 million isk to Callduron.

  5. Petition CCP to take this under serious consideration!
    Support the Rokh appears to be outdated :)