Monday, November 04, 2013

Ninveah Enterprises Report

Mrs Kodachi Update: She's doing well, off the morphine and moving slowly and sorely.

Since starting Project Vulcan at the end of June this year I've built and sold 24 Orcas at an profit after parts cost of 76.975 million ISK for a gross profit so far of 1.847 billion ISK, or about 461 million ISK per month. Of course, this completely disregards the 5.66 billion I invested in BPOs but those are durable capital assets that can be resold if the project is ever shut down.
Big dip in profit line is for two Orcas being built right now.

Right now I produce an Orca every 3-4 days barring incidents and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I do plan to expand to other capital ships but I'm still leaning on a partnership for the parts other than Capital Cargo Parts for my builds so I need to flesh out my BPO library first. Next up is to purchase a researched Capital Construction Parts BPO which I plan to do when some contracts for ships are complete.

Speaking of which...

I shut down Project Nennamailia when Aideron Robotics left the militia capital system to fight back in Essence region for Heydieles. Since then I've starting importing ships into Yvangier and Heydieles for Aideron Robotics as well as anyone else that wants to pay my price. Instead of seeding the market, I started bringing in built ships and putting them up on contracts at cost plus 10%. This has gone well and has been win-win; I get profit and pilots get ready-to-go ships.

It was working so well that I volunteered to do it for Aideron itself on a larger scale. We'll see how that quartermaster task goes and if I keep up doing it for myself at the same time.

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  1. I suggest investing in and researching up > 1 copies of the Cap Construction Parts BPO. When my partner and I were engaged in full-blown cap construction (3 x researched Orca BPOs in constant production, plus occasional runs on Thanny, Archie, Rev, Phoenix and Moros BPOs), these were almost always our bottleneck. As I recall, we had at least two very heavily research CapConPts prints going at all times, just to try to keep up with the demand. Something for you think about, anyway.