Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Goal - Filthy Space Rich

I'm approaching seven years in Eve Online in September. Seven straight years with no break longer than a week or two. That's how much I love this game.

Right now I'm enjoying Faction Warfare immensely, working on my FCing skills occasionally, improving my PvP skills so that I don't get the shakes and make stupid mistakes (as often). For income I'm importing ships and mods into low sec and making really decent ISK in the process, a steady stream of credits that keeps me well equipped for the war and the scant time I have to play and lose ships for a small investment of time to check a few orders and move stuff around.

Life is good.

But now, I want more. I am Space Rich, I want to join the ranks of the Filthy Space Rich. My net worth is measured in tens of billions, I want it to be measured in trillions. I want to be able to use petty cash to buy a Wyvern to throw away in an event. I want ISK to lose all meaning.

There are many paths to this goal, but the one I've decided upon is capital construction. It appeals to the side of me that wants the least effort for the biggest gain.

So begins the skill training as my alt trains Production Efficiency V and Capital Contruction skills.

Project Vulcan has begun.


  1. Good luck - I've done some capital construction, and its not for the faint of heart

  2. Anonymous11:14 am

    You should call it Project Spreadsheet, that's probably more indicative of what you will need to make it successful. (-;

  3. Anonymous2:50 pm

    If only the gravy train that was faction war had lasted a little longer.

  4. I never plexed for ISK, even in the hey-days of the gravy train. Over a year of FW I made enough LPs to buy three Navy Brutix BPCs and sell them for about 450 million ISK. That's it.