Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tank Tuesday: Bonus

Its BACK!!!
So yeah, my rekindled passion for treads continues into this week.

This week I was playing these tanks on regular rotation (tier in brackets): Leopard (V), Panzer IV (V), VK30.02 (VII), Jagdpanther (VII), and Jagdpanther II (VIII). I was having an OK time and still loving my tank destroyers and learning that the mediums were better at distance sniping than up close brawling, but that essentially gave me 4 long range tanks and nothing but my artillery hunting Leopard for up close brawling.

Truth is, I really missed my Tiger II. I sold my King Tiger to fund my Jagdpather II foray but after getting that beast up to best equipment I find its OK, but too much like my beloved Jagdpanther but with a higher profile and tougher targets. I miss the heavy tank and the fear that big gun could put into people.

Well, I got a nice bonus at work so I snuck ~$55 out of the pot and invested in some gold for the first time in a long time. I used the gold to purchase and outfit the Tiger II and man, I am so glad I did. In the few matches I've had since I bought it I've had a lot of fun and decent success. I love that big 10.5 cm L68 gun.

I did consider buying a Lowe straight up instead. Its also tier VIII but gives a bonus to credit and experience generation since its a premium tank. But I've had a love affair with the King Tiger so stuck with it and glad I did. I missed you too, baby.

I doubt I'll ever get into a tier IX tank, but I might work my way up to the tier VI light VK28.01 tank that is the successor to the Leopard, and maybe even the tier VII Aufpanzer Panther light tank.


  1. Do you also play World of Warplanes (from same company)?

    1. Yes, I gave it a try but found it very frustrating for my crappy reflexes, hard to get kills. I'm holding out hope that world of warships will be more my speed.