Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blog Banters Needs A New Custodian

Seismic Stan has decided to hang up the hat as current custodian of the Blog Banters.

Seismic Stan is one of my favourite people in the Eve community and his slow disengagement over the past year has saddened me. I really wanted to fly with him in a fleet sometime. Perhaps someday we will.

When Crazy Kinux gave up the ghost and moved on, I was considering grabbing the Blog Banters and running them put was beaten to the punch by Stan. I was not disappointed as I knew at the time he would do a great job.

Now, they are up for grabs again amoung a lot of talk about whether blogging is on the way out, supplanted by Twitter and conglomerate news sites.

Blogs have a place in this world, and blog banters are the piece that pulls us altogether. I want them to survive even if the and Eve Blog Pack don't. 

Let me be that custodian, Stan. Let me continue the good job you have done already.


  1. I say we have Frig tourney to settle this!!

  2. A replacement for the eve blog pack already exists :

    The actual 'post' is *way* down the bottom of the blog list on that page.

    A large but very basic blogroll; best viewed in 'web mode' on my andoid phone.

    I have no idea whether the current evebloggers/eve blog pack will continue as is. At a bare minimum, it needs an update to remain relevant.

    If someone else does a good job of a blogroll, they have my full support; and I am very happy for them to take my list as a base; and even happy to help collect additional links.

    I am also very happy to prominently link blog banters home page.

  3. I support the idea that Kirith look after it and add my thanks to Matt.

    And as for blogs being on the way out - look at the CSM voting. Bloggers swept it.

  4. In my list of RSS feeds 'Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah' already comes right after 'Freebooted'.

    Congratulations, I already advised Roc to run a BMTHOKK for not getting the Blog Banters under his care :P

    1. Heh, Roc knows where to find me, I'm only ~9 jumps away.