Friday, June 28, 2013

Welcome to the New Home of the Blog Banters

After much pleading, bribes, threats, and cajoling I managed to convince Seismic Stan to hand the custodianship of the Blog Banters to me:

Handing over to Kirith also makes me feel a little better as I pretty much snatched the then dormant Blog Banter out from under his nose by relaunching with BB27 in August 2011 off the back of his blogpost comparing and contrasting EVE Online with World of Tanks. This feels like the right decision to me.
I think Kirith's broad experience and maturity makes him the perfect man for the job. It is important that the Blog Banter tradition remains a grassroots community service and I think Kirith's experience and conduct shows he would continue to steer the good ship BB in the right direction.
Put simply, the guy is EVE royalty and an all-round solid fellow - leaving the Blog Banters in his hands takes much of the sting out of the decision for me.
Thanks for the kind words, Stan.

With that said and the hand off happening already, I want to assure everyone that the Banters will continue to operate much like they have under Stan's regime: every month I'll send out a call for posts on blogs about a topic that are due out a particular day, I'll compile the posts into a list, and then get a volunteer to make a summary (with a reward of a PLEX if all goes well). Why change what isn't broken, right?

So what happens next is that I have Canada Day this weekend and I'm off work next week (but not going anywhere other than day trips) so I will work on setting everything up for the next Banter which I plan to have go live in the middle of July. I'll be emailing those bloggers on the list next week with the topic.

If you have ideas for topics, feel free to email me at or find me on Twitter: @KirithKodachi.


  1. Good to know the Banter will be in (somewhat ;)) safe hands !

  2. Glad to know they are in good hands, sure you'll do and excellent job running them!

    Oh...and add me back to the list, finally back to eve after a horrid past 18 months :). Good to be back in the sadle of a spaceship again!

  3. Grats on this. You'll do great. And as Roc said "Well, all my requirements for a custodian were met: a sexy, disturbed Canadian."

    But I especially like Stan's "Put simply, the guy is EVE royalty".

    All hail KING Kirith Kodachi!

  4. Anonymous7:05 am

    It is sad to hear that stan doesn't continues it but I sure that with you in charge the Banters will go on.
    Hopefully the same goes for as the blogging community can't be replaced by a single new web site. Even if those news sites wish to do so they can't. Stay independent you free bloggers out there and keep doing what you do best.

  5. You'll do a fine job.

    And I was thinking while I was editing this that it was kind of a response to a blog banter that wasn't going on at the time:

    I'd be interested to hear the takes of other bloggers on that topic.