Monday, September 10, 2012

6 Years, 2214 Posts, and 3 Kills

Last night I was hungry for more conflict after last week's stunning (for me) victory over 7 opponents. I undocked in the same Ferox and went hunting but except for a neutral HAC gang with Guardian support there was noting bug enough for me to catch.

I found a couple Caldari plexers in a Merlin and Incursus in Filet next door to my base in Heydieles. They appeared to not be working together so I switched to my "Catch and Release" Dramiel to try and engage them but both were on the ball and warping out just under my long point lock. Sad face.

Then a call went out in Militia chat for a new fleet, one looking for T2 frigs only, assault ships and interceptors. Ah, a birthday present for me? Thank you! I love flying assault frigates; a small fleet of them has the speed to catch a lot of targets, durability to hold one in place until reinforcements arrive, and firepower to take down the bigger targets with relative ease. Add in a couple interceptors for extra fast tackle and you have the makings of a mean little fleet.

I grabbed one of my favourite assault ships, an Ishkur, and we formed up a fleet of 6 and headed out. In Filet and Deven we caught a war target Stabber trying to make a run for it and quickly dispatched it, but two of our pilots were in a corp that had just joined the militia and the Gallente gate guns fired upon them during the fight and took them out. Petition that loss sir!

The four of us that were not GCC'd ran a plex in Old Man Star while waiting for things to get sorted out with our two fleet mates (they opted to log until the gate guns like them again) and then picked up a couple more pilots from militia chat.We chased a couple targets as we roamed toward the forward base at Nennamaila but nothing wanted to fight.

Then we ran into a Caldari interceptor pilot flying a Taranis in Enaluri. We spread out trying to catch it but it was very quick and cagey. I was guarding the Nennamaila gate which is a decent hop from the inner planets, about 35 AU. Suddenly my directional scanner pinged off the Taranis hull and I let fleet know the target was running this way. She landed and we jumped through together.

In Nennamaila there was a number of war targets in local but none on the gate. I approached and locked the Taranis and much to my surprise the opponent did the same. "Great," I figured, "the enemy in local will be landing any second." Nevertheless I engaged my scram, web, guns, and drones hoping to at least take down the inty before retribution arrived.

Except it never did. Local numbers dropped as the other hostiles jumped out and the Taranis was a tasty snack for my assault ship. My fleet mates arrived just as it went down. I don't know if the enemy pilot thought she could take me or she hoped for help from militia members, but on a good day an interceptor is a poor match one on one with an assault frigate. Best hope is to kite it and an Ishkur has drones in that case. Still, kudos to Kitsune kateko for fighting regardless.

We sat on the Enaluri-Nennemaila gate for a few minutes picking off a Thrasher and Cormorant that tried to get through before I decided to log. A decent night for me and September is shaping up to be better than July was at this rate.

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