Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Personal PvP Renaissance

One of my big problems in general while playing Eve is finding fights within my limited play time. If there is not an active fleet when I log in for my weekly session, I'm faced with roaming solo and all the dangers and futility that entails.

Being in Faction Warfare has kind of alleviated that difficulty in two ways. First, there is a militia (read: alliance) full of like minded people that sometimes start ad hoc fleets and look for people to join them, and if I'm roaming solo there is a hostile militia with the same goal and lots of small gangs or solo pilots for me to find and fight in a limited locale.

This has lead to my most successful month of real ship to ship PvP in almost 2 years:

I'm really pleased with my decision to get into Faction Warfare so far. Here's hoping I can get some more kills next Sunday night to keep the streak alive for the month.


  1. Glad to see your having fun. My own pvp upsurge has come about becuase I'm unemployed... I'd rather have a drought tbh.

  2. What does BMTHOKK stand for? Excuse my noobishness...

  3. Bring Me The Head of Kirith Kodachi.

    Basically an event where Kirith undocks a carrier and one group tries to kill it while the other defends.

  4. But as usual, Kirith always dies ;)