Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Kadavr Crimson Guard - What We Are About

Two weeks ago I announced the incorporation of the Kadavr Crimson Guard (aka KCG), a Gallente factional warfare corporation. Now I am going to expand on details of what I envision for this entity.

The goal of the corporation is to participate in the Faction Warfare feature on the side of the Gallente Federation. This means I expect pilots of the KCG to do one or more of the following regularly: plexing, Federal Defense Union missions, or PvP either solo or with members of the Gallente Militia. This does not preclude other activities (exploration, manufacturing, mining, etc) but if you are not doing one of the four above I question why you would bother with this corp.

I do not know how large this corp will grow or how active it will be. Personally, I can commit only to one evening a week (2-3 hours, typically Sunday night), and all I ask of my pilots is a similar level of commitment. Thus pilots joining the KCG will need to be very self-sufficient, however as we are part of the militia they can join militia operations. I encourage such participation as long as you follow the PvP standards at the end of this post.

We do not have skill point requirements, but we do have Gallente Standing requirements in that if adding you to the corporation threatens the corporation with expulsion from the militia we will review all members' standings and take actions from there.

One unique quality of the KCG that other corps do not offer is membership in the private channel for other Kadavr corps; the Kadavr Black Guard (low sec PvP corporation, part of the infamous Shadow Cartel) and the Kadavr Conglomerate (wormhole corp). Membership in KCG does not give you automatic access to either of these other two corps, but you can chat up members and posting good results as part of the KCG will give you some proof you can survive and thrive in low sec (if you need the help).

Standards for KCG Pilots in PvP:
1) Don't be a jerk.

2) Honour ransoms and duel conditions you agreed to. If you do not and you do not have a good reason, I'll take harsh action.

3) Limit or eliminate smack talk. I have said in the past that smacktalk in local or mails is the refuge of the incapable. If you smack and can't back it up you're a loser and if you smack and can back it up you're arrogant. Best to let your guns do the talking, and keep it light in local.

4) NBSI - While I expect that our pilots' focus will be directed at our war targets, the pirate/anarchist in me understands if you decide to go after neutral targets in low sec, or suicide ganking in high sec. But under no circumstances do we shoot friendlies (blues, purples, greens).1

5) In fleets, FC is god. If you disagree with the FC, don't waste people's time complaining on comms or in fleet chat. If you disagree to the point where you refuse to follow his orders, then leave fleet without a fuss and warn the corporation about that FC and why you don't like him/her. If you mildly disagree with an FC, a post-fleet evemail or chat is the best place to air your concerns but do it with respect because this person took the time to organize the fleet and get people going.

6) If you are the FC, be a responsible and firm handed god.  Don't be afraid to make mistakes, don't be afraid to tell people to be quiet until later, and don't be bloodthirsty and get an entire fleet killed for a single Velator kill.

7) Fly what you can afford to lose. The flipside of that is that the KCG does not care about killboard efficiency so feel free to fly expensive stuff if you want and the fleet you are in allows it.

* * * * *

(For those that have already contacted me about joining, I will be contacting you and pointing you to this post for details about what you are getting into.)

1 - One caveat: we are blue to Kadavr Black Guard pilots but red to the Shadow Cartel as a whole (them being pirates after all) so exercise extreme caution when seeing KBG members in local and do not share intel in the shared Kadavr channel.


  1. Does it matter if my primary main lives in wormholes? I made a new account a few months ago with the intention of only PvP and I've not done much other than train skills.

  2. Alts are fine as long as you are active as described above.

  3. How is that situation going to work where you're blue to a corp and red to their alliance? I'm tempted to join at some point, but that's weird and an incident waiting to happen.

  4. @I Like Pie: I agree its a poor situation and I'm working on solutions.

  5. Speaking from KBG, if you are blue KBG pilots will not engage, or endeavour to get you killed by other blues.

    Depending on how the corp expands, then future blue with shadows is quite possible, however this would probably mean a little more interest from KBG?Shadows regarding your recruitment.

  6. i will be joining lol