Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Just to be Contrary...

I always thought the "frill" on the Vagabond looked silly. The Rifter is iconic; the Vagabond was recognizable but never struck me as an iconic hull of the Minmatar line.

I sympathize with those that feel differently and hope they accomplish their goal to make CCP "bring back the Frill", but I won't miss it.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I only started flying Minmatar combat ships in the past year compared to ~5 years of Caldari and Gallente.

PS - I'm back from vacation, more on the Kadavr Crimson Guard later.


  1. Silly or not, the outrage of Thukker Mix essentially stealing parts from capsuleer ships without their consent is unforgivable. Such actions must be resisted! /dirtyroleplayer

  2. Does this mean you're not coming out to play? :(

  3. If I get the time, I'll be there. :)

  4. I actually agree - I always thought the old vaga looked more silly than scary.