Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hungry For Kills

The holiday weekend caused my free night to be moved to last night so I logged in and found myself safely secure in Pelille with my armada of ships. What to do? I checked Fleet Finder (to those who never played without fleet finder, you have no idea how much of a boon this is) and found a militia fleet up and running. I joined and since the fleet was 9 jumps away around Old Man Star, I decided to make the run in my favourite Dramiel.

I got there and immediately was in the hunt. While at the Ladistier gate with a fleet mate in an Hurricane, a Sleipnir engaged and was followed up by two Tengu pilots. Some miscommunications arose and the fleet arrived too late to save the Hurricane. As the Hurricane was going down I was unsure the fleet was on the way and decided to keep distance.

We regrouped and moved over to the Heydieles gate where we followed a Tornado through. It burned off the gate and tried sniping but another Dramiel pilot kept point on it long enough for the cavalry to arrive. Boom!

We regrouped and on the other side of the gate a Malediction pilot was playing games. Well, the other Dram pilot again snagged him and us other tacklers kept up to hold the interceptor in place while the fleet pounded it. Boom too!

We continued to patrol Old Man Star and a Hydra Reloaded pilot named Djakku, who was neutral to us, was floating around in a new Tormentor of all things. Well, he saw me in my Dramiel and -9.6 security status and decided to engage. I admit I was taken off guard and startled to see my shields removed so quickly. I decided to avoid combat and jumped through. The Tormentor followed and engaged again on the other side. We did this a couple more times until the fleet decided to take the sec status hit and remove him.

Then our scouts noticed the Sleipnir and and Tengu pilots were back and we baited with a Myrmidon. The command ship took the bait and we piled on. The Tengu pilots wisely decided to avoid getting caught as well. The Sleipnir took a hell of a lot of damage but we prevailed in the end and enjoyed a third Boom!

With that my game time was over and I left fleet and scooted back to Pelille.

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