Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Unified Inventory

On Sunday night I logged in for the first time in about a month and gave the game a spin. Did some hunting but no luck shooting anything, and did some logistics.

I understand a lot of people are opposed to the new unified inventory interface. While I can understand being frustrated with bugs, I do not understand the desire to keep the million-multiple-container windows approach. I hated it. I am so pleased with the streamlined initial version of unified inventory and will personally NOT shoot CCP Arrow's ship if I ever run into him in space. I'd buy him a drink instead.

Unified Inventory for the win, people, for the win.


  1. Yeah it is a bit fiddly at first but I guess you get used to it. Although I do think the last method was easier, but I had a different approach to sorting all my stuff.

    I didn't.

    Everything was in one place, it was a cluttered mess but all I had to do to find something was type in the first few letters in the search box and there it was. So I don't understand these people who liked their containers or didn't like their containers or however they did it before. I think too many people have OCD. Putting boxes of stuff in boxes, what's that all about? Xzibit? Anyone? :p


  2. I like it, like Miura I keep all my stuff in one location for the most part. So this, the old way, or whatever doesn't really affect me much. Although I like the new way so much I actually set up some filters and I find it extremely helpful now.

  3. Anonymous8:29 pm

    I hate it with a passion. I would rather have the option, as I would choose the many windows option. The thing that bugs the life out of me is when you drag from one slot to another (in station or accessing an orca in space) 90% of the time the active bay swaps to the destination bay.

    If I'm unloading a hulk in space and have mining xtals onboard everytime it changes (or I open a can for example) the frigging xtals reset to the top of the hold, not at the bottom where I left them. When you have to move the xtals 8 or 9 times an HOUR it can be a pain.. especially when running 4 accounts. In station its mostly ok once you get used to it. Still buggy, but its only to be expected from ccp....