Thursday, May 31, 2012

BB36: Real Quick

Welcome to the thirty-sixth edition of the EVE Blog Banter, the community discussion that brings the collective minds of the EVE blogosphere together to chew the cud, exchange opinions or troll the world.

"With the Inferno expansion upon us, new seeds have been planted in the ongoing evolution of EVE Online. With every expansion comes new trials and challenges, game-changing mechanics and fresh ideas. After nine years and seventeen expansions, EVE has grown far more than most other MMOGs can hope for. Which expansions have brought the highs and lows, which have been the best and the worst for EVE Online?"

If you did not pick Apocrypha as the best Eve expansion, you are so off base you are not even wrong. In the same vein, everyone has to agree that Incarna was the worst in terms of implementation and real content delivered.

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  1. But despite the obvious, we've still had some varied and interesting banter entries.