Monday, February 27, 2012

Sorry 'Bout That

So yeah, my post last Friday has been raked over the coals on twitter and in comments and for good reason. I should have stopped at my ranting about how I didn't like war declarations but I felt the need to be constructive as well as critical and threw in some not-thought-out suggestions for changing war decs. Mea Culpa.

Over 6 years and 2000+ posts, a few of them will be stinkers.

I still stand by my position that  war declarations are stupid but I realize the game needs a resource contention mechanic for high sec. But I'll let more prepared people hash out how that balances out.

In far less important news, if you actually come to the website you will see this in your browser of choice's tab:
Instead of the typical Blogger favicon, I made my own. Its supposed to look vaguely like a Wyvern because a Chimera has a less distinctive profile outline.

I feel all special now.

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  1. The more I think about it, the more I'm willing to just "give Hisec to the Bears" -- no more wardecs, suicide ganking would still be an issue, yes, but it's a far more limited issue than "griefdecs", "faildecs", or whatever the Bear FOTM term is for wardecs right now.

    I would be willing to accept that "safer", bear-friendly hisec on just one condition: minimal risk, virtually no rewards.
    -Nerf hisec anoms and complexes, both in terms of how frequently they appear in hisec, and the chances of "good drops". -- Story reason: players and CONCORD have done SUCH a good job of kicking NPC-rat ass and taking their names, that they're being pushed out of hisec Empire and being forced to the lowsec areas (this goes concurrent with a big BUFF of lowsec anoms/plexes).
    -Nerf hisec incursions likewise: both frequency of incursions (there should be times, and NOT because of player-griefing, but natually in the spawn cycle) where there's sometimes a day or two where there's NO hisec Incursion. Also nerf payouts for the Vanguards. Again -- even experienced Incursion-runners agree that VGs are too easily blitzed for too much ISK value.
    -Hisec missions are a boring grind for not a whole lot of ISK, "working as intended".

    Also idea in general, that goes for hisec, lowsec, and NPC null: docking/storage fees, based upon your standings with the faction AND station-owning corp in question. Grind up 9.9 standings with Fed Navy, and you can pretty much camp an armada there for pennies. Make the Minmatar dislike you (even say, -2.0 standings), and you won't be too eager to park your Megathron in Rens for long.
    Obviously hisec stations have more traffic and thus space is in higher demand, so of course fees would be higher in hisec.
    Also, certain stations that receive extraordinary amounts of traffic, yep, fees are higher there too.
    Would make a nice ISK-sink at least... ;-)