Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Famine or Feast?

PvP in Eve can really be feast or famine in terms of success. One night you could be on the ball and get several kills. The next night you might get blown up at every turn, or even worse find nothing to shoot at. Streaks of sessions with no kills whatsoever are not uncommon either.

But when you have a schedule like mine and you only get one good PvP session a week, a small string of two or three bad nights can stretch over weeks or a month. It can be depressing. I haven't had a kill since Jan 31st and lost four ships since then up to last night.
DAMMIT! Who let Kirith pilot again!?
Well, at least last week I didn't lose any ships, right?

I logged in last night hoping my luck would turn around. Goinard was empty of blues for a change, but a number of neutrals in local. "Curious," I thought, "what's going on?" I undocked in my trusty Hawk assault ship and immediately saw on the d-scan three Drakes, Harbinger, Hurricane, and a Zealot. A quick drop by the Raeghoscon gate saw them camping it. How dare they!


I reported the interlopers on comms and asked if anyone wanted to go get these guys. A gang formed and I was asked if I could provide a bait ship like a Drake with a cyno for a hot drop from a Titan. No Drake in my hanger (wait, what?) but a couple of Hurricanes were there and I grabbed an old one and got ready.

The enemy fleet moved into Raeghoscon to camp in there and I jumped into them. I made it look like I was trying to crash the gate to escape so they would aggress me and then lit the cyno.

Stolen from Jump n' Warp blog
I targeted the Zealot in an effort to prevent it from warping off but my terribly fit Hurricane died (only excuse: it was the first 'cane I ever fit up and I never revisited it later to fix it *shame*) and the Zealot escaped. However, the five enemy battlecruisers were not so fortunate so I don't feel so bad.

With the hostiles dead or dispersed, I reshipped to my Hawk and went for a roam, visiting Tama again but not lingering there as there are a fair number of bad guys with big ships looking to gang up on innocent souls like mine. Alliance mates reported a 4 day old pilot in a Catalyst destroyer hanging around Lisbaetanne so I set course for there to check it out, racing against another alliance mate in a Daredevil looking to do the same.

We got there almost the same time but the target had docked. Darn. But then he undocked. And looked for a fight with other alliance mates hanging around in a Loki and Stilletto. As we raced to the station to engage they lowered the boom and killed the ship, but I arrived in time to snag the pod.

We waited out GCC timers and just as it ended, another newer player arrived in system, this time in a Caracal. Once again he decided to try and fight outside the station and this time I arrived in time to get on a ship killmail, as well as the pod. And check it out, he had the Hardwiring - Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2 implant installed.

Overall Tally: lost one battlecruiser, helped kill 5 battlecruisers, one cruiser, and 2 pods. That's the feast I was looking for.


  1. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Leave my newbies alone you big bully!

  2. Anonymous3:44 am

    I wish I was there for the first fight, but I'm somehow constrained by my TZ. Good job though. :)
    Also, it's a bit annoying that roaming from my current home constellation is reduced to either fighting SC or Balkan Express, both having titans, but somehow I prefer SC.
    I'd really like to meet you on the field of battle some time. :)