Monday, February 06, 2012

CCP and The Just-Don't-Get-It File

On January 27th in a dev blog discussing community events at Fanfest (still so mad I can't go) CCP Navigator gave this piece of news when talking about the prizes for the poker tournament:

The first in-game Ishukone Scorpion skin will be awarded to the overall winner as well as having their name added to the in-game description of this ship.
 Excellent! I've been waiting for any vanity ship customizations since Incarna was on the drawing board. Then he had to ruin my excitement with the next paragraph (emphasis mine):
This leads on to another question, does this mean we will be seeing ship skins for sale in the NeX store or by some other method? That is currently not the plan and is not in development so the short answer is no. The Ishukone Scorpion was already created as the first prototype and Game Design plan to release it to everyone at some stage. The winner of this event will just be granted the first one, before anyone else has ever owned it, along with the bragging rights of having their name in the lore.

 The one bright spot about the NeX store for most pilots in Eve was the thought of being able to spruce up the hanger with various different ship skins. The technology is there, the NeX store is there, this is a no-brainer to push the cart over the finish line and at least get some useful mileage out of the debacle that was Incarna and you are not going to do it?

Sirs, I am disappointed.

Seriously, disappointed.


  1. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Oddly enough.. I am kinda ok with the NeXt store selling "prototype"-skin ships (i.e. ships that will be released to general public for normal isk in, say, three months). I think that might burn some extra cash of rich folks, while giving CCP a little more bang.

    The only caveat to that, and its a big one, would be that they would be only different on the outside.. not the stats.. of current ships.

  2. You are right on with that. One thing I *might* consider from the ignoble exchange is a ship skin. Bleh!

  3. Just as long as the hull of the ship *has* to be made by players.

    CCP selling ships in NeXT is a no-no.

    Skins yes, ships no.

  4. I suppose I'm alright with ship skins but I like CCP's fixing AF ships and Faction Warfare in the summer patch more so. I suppose the art department is busy making new shinies for that patch anyway...