Monday, December 19, 2011

Flight of a Thousand Rifters Report

So Saturday afternoon arrived a rare set of circumstances: I was home, housework was under control, kids were sleeping or occupied, and an event was happening in Eve. Specifically Marlona Sky's Flight of a Thousand Rifters.

I logged in the morning to see where the event was being held as it was only announced that day and saw it was in Vlillirier in Placid region. Ew. That's pretty far by any standard. However I was determined to make it so I found an available medical facility only 5 jumps away in Onnamon in Black Rise region and pod-killed myself there. Then I purchased an Incursus and parts on the local market and made my way to the system, ready for the event.

When the event started I warped to the station where it was happening at 100 km for a look-see but was quickly locked up by a sniping Cormorant almost immediately. With 180+ in system and me being -8.9 sec status there was lots of people looking for frigate kills and I was a prime target. I warped in again from a different angle to make a bookmark and then again 100 km from there to have a 200 km distance perch spot to observe without being easily target-able.

However, Marlona Sky burnt out her repair mods prematurely and the dreadnought started to go down hard. I decided to warp in at zero and at least get on the killmail, but when I warped to station I forgot I was on the other side and even warping to zero put my over 45 km from the dreadnought! CRAP. I figured I would make a suicide run so afterburner on and guns a-blazing I made the head long dash and got targeted almost immediately. Still, I made it close enough for getting on the killmail and got my pod out. I went back in an Ibis for another run but the Moros exploded just as I got there. Oh well.

A good time and I look forward to more events like this from Marlona.

Here is a bit of video I managed to snag.

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