Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Promotion: Flight of a Thousand Rifters

Marlona Sky is running a big player event this Saturday:

Flight of a Thousand Rifters: A Player Event

On 2011.12.17 (December 17th, 2011) at precisely 19:00 GMT (game time) I will undock, in a low security system (location announced the day of the event) I will be sieging a station with Intigo, my Moros dreadnought. It has been irrelevant for a good couple years and it is high time it dies of a fiery death explosion.
I want to give players a change to do some damage and win some prizes so I will be running a player event to destroy my dreadnought. There are a few rules to follow for you to be eligible for prizes. The top three players with the most points gained with a frigate or destroyer class ship will each win one of three prizes. The player leaving the final blow on my Moros or the final blow on my capsule will each receive a special prize.

    Tier 1 Prizes: (Can be won only with a frigate or destroyer class ship)
  • 1st place: Vindicator (a.k.a. Freak of Nature) Twisted
  • 2nd place: Apocalypse Navy Issue (courtesy of Rooks and Kings)
  • 3rd place: 300 million ISK (courtesy of Taladool)
  • 4th place: Vigilant
  • 5th place: 100 million ISK (courtesy of The 0rphanage)
  • 6th place: Daredevil

  • Tier 2 Prizes: (Any ship qualifies)
  • Final blow on my Moros = 1,000x Rifters
  • Final blow on my capsule = 1x PLEX
  • On the most non-frigate/destroyer kill mails = Fully T2 fit Legion with 5x subsystems and two T2 CCC rigs (courtesy of T'Amber)

  • Rules:
    To receive any prizes or gain points you must follow these rules or you will be disqualified or receive a penalty multiplier against your total points.
  • Only frigate and destroyer class hulls on my Moros kill mail will qualify for points.
  • Event time starts 30 minutes before I undock in the Moros and lasts 30 minutes after my capsule is destroyed.
  • Any contestant found to be in a ship other than a frigate or destroyer class during event time will be disqualified from the points based prizes.
  • If any contestant’s corporation members are listed on a kill mail during event time is using a ship other than a frigate or destroyer class then you will forfeit 50% of your base points.
  • Alternatively if any contestant’s alliance members are found on a kill mail during event time using a ship other than a frigate or destroyer class then you will forfeit 25% of your base points. (NPC alliances do not count)
  • Damage done on the Moros kill mail is a players base points.
  • Kill board used to verify kills will be: (all other kill boards will not be considered so please post kill mails there)
  • If you are on any kill mail with a frigate or destroyer class hull counts as a 1x point multiplier. (members of your player made alliance/corporation do not count)
  • In the event of a tie in points; the player listed higher on the kill mail will win.

  • Environment setting:
  • The system location will NOT be announced until the day of the event. Sorry. Oops
  • I will be in siege mode from the start of the event until my death. This prevents me from being remote repaired and relying only on my personal tank. I will not dock or warp off.
  • I will be outlaw so anyone can legally me without the player taking a security hit or be shot by the station guns. (frigate/destroyer friendly Big smile)
  • I will have all three guns fit and the siege module. So by simply looking at my ship you will know I do not have smart bombs fit.
  • I will be directly on top of a station so other players will not be able to activate smart bombs. Smart bombs do not work within 5km of station dock range. (keeping it a frigate/destroyer friendly environment Big smile)
  • I will be petitioning CCP to reinforce the event system so lag and other such monsters are kept at bay.
  • The system will be in low security space with an ongoing Incursion. (this means no normal cyno can be activated for capital ship shenanigans)
  • Post all kill mails! Any kill mails not API verified on or kill mails added 48 hours after my pod loss mail will not be considered in the prize decision.
  • All prizes will be contracted at Jita 4-4.

  • Tips:
  • Just because you’re in a frigate or destroyer does not mean other players will not shoot you. Keep this in mind! Bring help/friends/mommy's hand bag or whatever you think will help you win the prizes. Just keep the penalty rules in mind and also the fact that any ships not a frigate or destroyer are automatic point multipliers.
  • Just because your main character can't make the event because they are busy sucking on a POS appendage hoping for a few drops of Technetium, does not mean you can't bring a starter character in a frigate to the event on the same account. Bring it!
  • Join channel: FOATR to chat and discuss the event


With every kill mail there is always a story to be told. Some more glorious than others, some over a small disagreement or a major battle for territory. There is always a story to be told. So for the next story...
The question you have to ask yourself is; will you be reading about it, or will you be writing it?

Official Sponsors: EVE University, Red vs. Blue, Noir. Mercenary Group, The 0rphanage,, Rooks and Kings

I'll be doing my best to make it, hope you will too!


  1. You want me to go -10 on that don't you? :(

    I hate you, and I'll probably be there if I'm not working or asleep.

  2. mmmmm.... anyone else thinking sniper hac's?

  3. Anonymous11:25 am

    I'm probably going to lose my Thrasher to a disco BS this way. hmmm... challenge accepted.

  4. Was definitely a good time. Thanks for the heads up!