Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tank Tuesday: Pew Pew Pew

Missed Tank Tuesday last week because of Turkey. Yum.

Anyways, its been two weeks. Where were we then?
The troubles with the medium tank Panzer IV have abated to the point where I don't feel useless playing it but I still have some of trouble getting good performance out of it. Part of the issue is I still don't have the best gun for it yet (that slow experience issue) so while I can shoot fast and accurately as a stay-back-and-snipe tank, my damage and penetration is bad. However, I'm close to unlocking the best sniping gun and then we'll see if things get better.
Well, I did unlock the big 75mm L70 gun and let me tell you, what a difference. Add in some experience from practice and I definitely feel like I've got my feet under me. But does the record show any improvement?
Changes over two weeks
My StuG fell a titch to 50.75% winning percentage (from 51.3), my Pz38nA also fell a bit to 55.56% (from 56.4), but my Pz IV climbed to 47.17% (from 36.3) over two weeks. The winning percentage for the two week period is 58.8 which I'm very happy with when you factor in all the random factors for teammates, match making, and map preferences.

My Pz IV really feels like a more mobile tank destroyer as my main gun has great accuracy and decent punching power (it is, coincidentally, the same gun the StuG mounts) so I tend to use it as such, hanging back and shooting from a distance and only advancing when an enemy flank is broken or one of our flanks needs reinforcements.

I like it so much that I'm eyeing up the next tier VI medium tanks, a choice between the VK3001(P) and the VB3601(H). The 3001 is a lighter tank than the 3601, and the latter leads to a lot more choices including higher tier medium tanks and the fearsome King Tiger.

Jagdpanzer IV
In other news, I've unlocked the tier IV tank destroyer Jagdpanzer and I've been saving up the credits to buy it (missing premium now), but I find my enthusiasm for getting it tempered by the fact that its best gun has less penetration than the gun my StuG mounts (but more damage) and that even the wiki says "... it is widely considered the worst tier 6 TD." Being a higher tier than the StuG means more battles with higher tiered foes and already the StuG has trouble with big Tier VII and VIII heavies. I'm thinking of pouring my energy into the medium tanks that at have the same guns at these tiers and at least more mobility. On the other hand, the other side of the Jagdpanzer is the Jagdpanther which has the big guns you would expect a tank destroyer to sport.

Decisions, decisions.


  1. yup,but you won't regret getting Jadgpanther and the Ferdinand :)

    Am working for the su100 atm but i lack the time to play both EVE and WoT as it is !!

  2. I would like to highly recommend the 3601. Hands down. I love this tank! Its still pretty nimble, has very good front armor for the tier, and with the 88mm gun can do a significant amount of damage.

    This is one of my all time favorite tanks to this day. I'm well into tier 8 mediums and heavys at this point, and i still go back to playing my 3601 for fun and profit.

    I did play the 3001(P) too but didnt have as much luck with it. I <3 my 3601!

    Stick witht he Jagdpanzer and burn through it as best you can. The Jagdpanther's long gun will make up for all the woe that was your time in the panzer (it uses one of the same guns as the king tiger!). 10.5 cm K 18 L/52 is a fantastic weapon.

    Speaking of king tigers, now that I have one fully upgraded, its one of my favorite tanks and will hold a place in my garage for a long time.