Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quick Notes About Player Owned Custom Offices

1) Trying to get post out before Ripard Teg.

2) Ninja PI production in wormholes / shallow null sec / low sec will be a lot harder if not impossible (i.e. where you don't own the infrastructure).

3) As such, expect rise in PI product costs which in turn will impact running control towers.

4) This is totally an effort to make farms and fields for alliances to build and hostile alliances to use small gangs to attack. Also, further development opportunities in low sec and wormholes.

5) Think about it: entities will be able to effectively cut off significant access to planets by building the customs office and denying access to everyone else. Yeah, you can still launch packets into orbit but the volume of that launching mechanic is tiny compared to customs offices. EGADS!

6) Prepare for a new set of conflicts erupting in low sec and null sec over access to particular planets such as plasma and lava planets.

7) Boost to faction warfare by making the BPCs available from their loyalty point store at half price compared to CONCORD store?

Overall, I'm pleased.


  1. Well, you succeeded with #1, anyway. ;-)

    Trying to decide how I feel about this. Overall, positive, but there are also some quirks. Your #4 point, in particular, is right on the money, and what I was going to focus on.

  2. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Two negative repercussions. One, reduced interest in PI. Reduced access to more lucrative PI planets in low/null and higher taxes for PI on low yield high-sec PI will cool interest in PI. It'll become a very niche activity - hardly worth the time and effort it took to develop it.

    Two, reduced incentive to venture into low-sec. With CONCORD COs in low-sec, you could give low-sec PI a try reasonably. You could make quick runs to a CO load/unload and be off again. Players could base in high-sec and still get their feet wet in low-sec. Without CONCORD owning the low-sec CO, the level of risk goes way too high to entice players to give it a try.

    I've done some low-sec PI (with an alt), and it was worth it, but as a low level semi passive isk earning venture, a background activity to more interesting pursuits in-game. I'm not interested in the headaches player owned COs will cause in low-sec. PI isn't worth it - my time is better spent elsewhere. Unless the price of PI products goes way up to make high-sec PI viable, I'm out of PI.