Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tank Tuesday: The Grind

Well, its been two weeks since my last World of Tanks update and things are going well, albeit slowly. I'm still chugging along without a premium account so I'm getting half the experience and credits that such an upgrade would provide. Up until tier V that did not seem a problem, but getting to tier VI has been a long slog and I just unlocked the tier IV tank destroyer last night but opted not to buy it as I want to train my crew in my StuG III more and it can be done faster in an Elite vehicle (i.e. all upgrade paths unlocked for it).

The troubles with the medium tank Panzer IV have abated to the point where I don't feel useless playing it but I still have some of trouble getting good performance out of it. Part of the issue is I still don't have the best gun for it yet (that slow experience issue) so while I can shoot fast and accurately as a stay-back-and-snipe tank, my damage and penetration is bad. However, I'm close to unlocking the best sniping gun and then we'll see if things get better.

Pz 38nA
I'm still having an absolute blast jumping into my light tank, the tier IV Panzer 38nA. Some of my best matches lately are coming from this tank, even when I'm the lowest tier by four or five levels. My strategy is to hold back at the start until I see where the enemy deployment is concentrated, and then blow by them in a hole in their lines to attack the rear areas, sometimes moving laterally on the map to confuse potential attackers. Then I move in and light up their artillery and try to take them out.

Taking a look at my stats in terms of wins/losses, you can see that I have a 51.3% winning percentage in my main tank, the StuG, which matches close to what I got in the Hetzer and Marder. My light tank shennanigans have got my up to 56.4% in that tank, but my Panzer IV frustrations keep me low at 36.3%. Ouch. Considering there is a lot of external factors to consider (random teams on random maps) you can figure that my percentage in the Pz IV are indicative of not helping my team very much so far. Hopefully a bigger gun will help.


  1. Anonymous4:04 pm

    I didn't know you were playing WoT Kirith! Good for you. Look me up sometime, would love to platoon with you. HZero is my handle there, of course!

  2. Christian already commented it very well in your last tank-tuesday blog, but it still seems you are frustrated with your Pz IV. Stick to it, the reward in the end is simply amazing.
    It shows even more when you own 5-6 other Tier V tanks and can compare them directly. Theoretically, because I know time is an issue. You'll just have to take my word for it.

    5 kills (and lots of damaged enemies) is not rare in the Pz IV. With elite status I made 68.000 credits in it during the Operation Market Garden weekend on my premium account (factor 1.5x) and got retweeted for it by @WorldOfTanks

    Of all the best Tier V tanks including TDs, the Pz IV and the KV are the two top candidates fighting for my continued attention, measured when elited. SPGs I value differently, even though the Hummel is insane when used as a direct-fire TD (battle hummel of doom!)

    The reasons for those 2 extravaganza tanks are simple:
    None of the other Tier V have the firepower, long range hit capability or sturdiness of the Pz IV and KV. The StuG III is great but in comparison it turns into a smoking wreck quickly. My Pz IV turret bounced shots from a KV-3 ableit unsure which gun he had, and even though the KV constantly gets penetrated compared to few bounces it gets it has enough HP to live through some battles.

    Looking at @PlanetaryGenocide's comment I can absolutely not recommend "getting bored, taking the KV route". I did that and I think I have gone bald. If a stock Pz IV is giving you grey hair, a stock and even semi-upgraded KV will make your head explode. And this is a subtle understatement. The reward in the end may be very tempting but have you ever fought with a turret that does 15° per second? It means medium to close combat against a mobile enemy is downright impossible, and one can learn from that how to defeat KVs easily. Your best chance in the KV is actually ramming, much more efficient than shooting :)