Monday, October 03, 2011


When I moved into Kadavr Black Guard, I took one carrier load of ships and went to work. I didn't want to waste a lot of time making a lot of trips when I could be PvPing.

Well, over the past weeks I used down time to move a bunch more ships into the area. First I got some Minmatar ships from my alt Kla'strit since he was not using them and put them into a couple freighter packages from Placid to metropolis. Included in it was a Hurricane, Sleipnir, Vagabond, a couple Claw interceptors, a Wolf assault frigate, and a Cheetah covert ops.

Next, I jump cloned to my spare Chimera carrier chilling in Teshkat after m3 corp's last pull out of Providence and found a slew of ships from that venture including an Ishtar, Dramiel, Crow, and a Manticore.

This helps to bring my stable of available ships up nicely and only one more load of ships from Pelille which I will get this week, including doomed Hurricane #5 of the Hurricane project.

Let's review what happened to the other 4:

#1 - Died to NPC police after I mistakenly jumped into high sec.
#2 - Died to enemy gang after I engaged bait Hurricane at a gate.
#3 - Killed Hookbill one week, but next week died to enemy fleet after engaging a Firetail that attacked first.
#4 - Lost in arranged 1v1 versus Drake.

Hopefully #5 has better luck! And I have a bonus Hurricane to go too.

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