Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Press Release - Guild Launch Goes to Space

 I've been asked to help do some promotion and write some material for a site called Guild Launch that is expanding its Eve Online services such as corporate forums, website hosting, and more. Here is a press release with a contest. Check it out.
For Immediate Release
September, 28 2011

Guild Launch Goes to Space

Guild Launch Announces Eve Online Platform Support with series of Promotions

Richmond, VA — September 28th 2011 — Guild Launch is running a series of Eve Online promotions to kick off the
release of their Eve Online hosting functionality. Promotional prize packages include a trip to
Reykjavik for Eve Fanfest, a trip to Atlanta, GA to meet the Eve content team, a brand new
gaming computer and multiple years of Guild Launch’s top tier of service. The Guild Launch
Eve Online platform will include API integration, rosters, Eve image display as well as Killboard
“Eve Online is one of our favorite games here at Guild Launch and we want to release
our Eve functionality with a splash. Giving away a trip to Eve Fanfest is a very special prize and
the opportunity to meet the Eve content team is very unique” says Stephen Johnston, company
The promotions are open to players of any game and are designed to work with 3rd party
hosting of all types via embeddable widgets. The promotions that are active, as of today, are the
Eve Online Top Site contest which is a vote based contest and a Correspondent contest which is
looking for a writer to cover Eve Online topics, and be compensated as a freelancer, for Guild
Launch and Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine. These contests will run until December
and are live on the Guild Launch community site at

Guild Launch is the leading provider of services to gamers in guilds, kinships and clans
playing over 250 online games. Guild Launch’s easy to use and customizable, Guild
Management System supports a finely tailored set of features focused on the needs of MMO,
FPS and online gamers of all types. Features include social networking, DKP, Forums, Calendar
Planning, Roster Imports, Newsletters and a high degree of customization and security
unmatched in the industry.


For more information, press only:
Mike Bilter, 804-497-3428,

For more information on Guild Launch:


  1. thats interesting... hope they rename it corp launch :p

  2. We have a multi-domain system coming online soon that will allow use of an Eve related primary domain. The term 'guild' is fairly generic though. People generally understand it to encompass many different player organizations.


  3. Yep im aware... Was a bit of a joke... I actually have a few old guild forums from past games on guild launch!

  4. You played WOW Acute? -I'm so podding you next time i see you!

  5. We have been using guild launch for over a year as our corporate forums.