Monday, June 27, 2011

Minority Report

Over at the Eve Tribune I have an article today advising people to judge CCP for what they do, not what they think. We are not the Future Crimes division.


  1. 1) CCP would be crazy to ever commit to 'never' for almost anything, as who knows what the future will hold?

    2) I have trouble seeing the black/white line between vanity only vs in-game benefit vs Pay to win. I can imagine items that *I* would allow (that fine shirt there, that corp logo on my ship there, avatar alteration), items that *I* would not allow (20% damage bonus booster only for aurum, dolled up ship without equivalent hull trade-in) Most folks would agree with the above. But, what about using NEX for 1 month skill point accumulation rate bonus, what about for skill points straight up? *I* would allow those, as in a fight it doesn't matter how you got your SP (did you optimize your attributes, or not) only how you can use your SP to win a fight. I don't care how you got your ship; Lord knows I flew a BS LONG before I had the right skills to fly it (Tempest with med guns :). What did that mean? If I was flying a battleship before I could fly it well, I was just a bigger target. If I "bought" the skills to fly it better, how is that different, than if I trained the skills ? The answer is that I would not be as proficient a pilot, and therefore an easier kill. NEX for skill points makes better targets.

    But hey, lots of folks would disagree.

    As I said earlier, for me the line between allowable and not allowable is fuzzy at best. Now that we have NEX and it is NOT going away, we just need to try and better define what is vanity, what is allowable in-game benefit and what is not allowable.

    Obviously, no one likes pay to win, but to be honest, with masses of PLEX in hand and the I WIN button of SC, we have that already. I can buy a titan pilot alt with PLEX. Why should I not be able to upgrade my pilot for titan (should I be so foolish) in the same way ?

    I don't see MT and black and white, but with white patches, black patches, and a whole lot of grey in between

  2. Anonymous8:48 am

    I think the main problem people are having with this "pay to win" option is money.

    Why should a player that has been playing eve less time than me be able to fly the same ships with better weapons than mine just because they have the required funds available.

    It will just become a them and us situation. Those with the spare cash and those that can't afford to throw extra money into eve.

    Lets face it... Eve is a cash black hole. Yes its cheaper than golf, but at least there you can have a drink afterwards!

  3. @maniac69uk: with the ability to sell Plex, players can already expend cash to get in game advantage. That boat has sailed.

    As for buying skill points or standings, that is another bridge to cross and I used to agree that we should not go there, but I'm having second thoughts. But that is not the point of my post/article.

    We should hang CCP because they are looking at options.

  4. We should hang CCP because they are looking at options.

    I hope this is a typo KK, as I *THINK* you were aiming for "shouldn't" ??

  5. We should hang bloggers for typos!