Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Am Weak - In A Good Way

So, non-Eve related post incoming. Brace yourselves.

Ever since I traded in my laptop at work for a desktop that could do the new development I was involved in, I missed having a solid piece of hardware I could use on the go, like on the couch while watching TV or traveling to the inlaws or back home to Greenbush (where the dogs and cats outnumber the inhabitants). I've been eyeing up several things over the past few months and with a work bonus that was higher than expected I found myself with SWMBO permission to indulge in a bit of shopping.

I have a number of criteria to consider:
- it has to be portable
- would be nice if it was easy to use for the carebears and the SWMBO
- has to have fun games, browser, utility apps, etc
- Ability to use Flash a plus
- and I'm interested in developing an app or two on it

I was faced with three options:

1) IPad - since we are an iphone house, this option has the advantage of leveraging a lot we already knew from the phones and it would share the apps we already bought/downloaded through Itunes on the PC. Kids could operate it, wife could use it, got the apps... but no Flash in browser. And I'm getting put off by some other Apple policies, and ITunes is a piece of shit... so I'm reluctant to buy into an Apple product once again.

2) Android tablet - a lot of the functionality of the IPad, plus not an Apple product and supports (possibly) Flash in the browser. However, there is a lot of variation in quality and prices of the tablets and I'm nervous about getting one that looks good but falls apart in the first month. Plus the app pool is not as developed as IOs apps are but is improving.

3) Notebook - for maximum flexibility, I could go notebook and get Windows OS on it and have access to everything the net has to offer, as well as possibly some light PC games. However, no touch screen making it harder for family to use, and possibly the extra bulkiness might be annoying after a while. Plus developing a windows app does not inspire me right now.

I debated back and forth, browsed the options, talked to people with the various types, and ultimately went with an Android tablet. Specifically, an ASUS Transformer which a co-worker has and enjoys.It should arrive in a couple days and I'll probably have a review post on it next week.

Until then, any recommendations on apps to install?


  1. If EEE Pad Transformer was out before iPad 2, I'd probably have it as well...

  2. I have one.

    Non eve related :
    - Angry birds (Some comments has questionned why didn't asus installed it by default)
    - Adliko reader (Good ebook reader for epub, with good synergy with calibre http://calibre-ebook.com/) This one is not necessary, the asus shipped reader seems to be ok as well.
    - Google reader app (for blog pack)
    - Flash & Air for android (Flash for website, Air for future android application).

    For video, I have sticked with the asus player shipped in, which is equivalent or better than other android video player.

    Eve related app :

    I have installed Aura, but didn't configure it. From previous utilisation, it was a good application for managing your account (equivalent to eve mon).

    Future app :

    Tegra Zone, which centralized game for android plateform with Nvidia engine.

  3. Eve related apps:
    Aura - great little app getting close to Capsuleer. Fitting tool needs work but as it's the first non PC app to have it I'll accept the WiP status.

    EvE Influence Map - Loads the latest influence map (obv) and also has Ombeys 2D maps as well. Is using Ombeys maps on a tablet whilst playing EvE on a PC too geeky? I don't care I think it's as cool as....

  4. Honestly right now is the worst time to get a tablet. Both Apple and Google+world are readying new offering that will blow existing tablet out of the water. Also you are going to be paying a premium for a device that in a year will be completely outdated, and barely able to run the new hotness in apps/firmware.

    An alternative would be get something like a nook color. It's basically a tablet. The B&N firmware is a bit limiting, but it's easy to root and install the full market. Or install cyanogenmod on it. The downside is it's cpu isn't as fast as many pricey tablets and flash can be slow at times.

  5. I as well have Aura. The skill part works nice and the fitting stuff at least allows you to carry your fav fittings around and show them to people :)

    -EVE Mail: Well, it does what it says, only read though but having notifications on new Evemails is nice.

    -Jorte is a really nice calender app, especially if you use Google calender.

    -PewPew is an awesome Geometry wars style game.

    -MyPod is the best podcast app i have found so far.

    And for those that leave the house with their device (more likely for phones though)

    -c:geo is a great geocaching app that beats even groundspeaks one.

    -OruxMaps is a great map app. Allows you to save offline maps for when you venture to places with no mobile internet connection.

  6. Let us know how you like it Kirith. I'm after a tablet as I want to be able to carry books, reference PDF books that are difficult to read on devices such as the Kindle, magazines and perhaps comics.

    For podcasts on Android, I use DoggCatcher.