Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Home

Last night I logged in and found pretty much most of the corporation off in Perpetuum Online so I was left to my own devices. That's OK, I wanted to do more exploration so I hoped in my Buzzard and got the probes a-humming.

There was only two cosmic signatures in system so I started into the one with the lowest signature strength. Soon I had it resolved to a wormhole to Unknown space. A class 1 or 2 then. I poked my head in and found a Magnetar system but no local inhabitants out and about.

The next signature was also a wormhole to Unknown space and there was two hurricanes, a retriever, and a Cheetah on scan. I quickly narrowed it down to a moon and sure enough, they were sitting at an active POS, with only the Cheetah having a pilot in it and he seemed disinclined to move out. Ah well.

With the cosmic signatures checked out, and lots of anomalies but lots of risk with hostiles in low sec local in a dead end low sec system, I decided to pack up the carrier with some ships and make a jump to a larger chain of low sec. In fact, I jumped down to Pelille, my first true home in Eve. Ah, memories.

Next step is to set up some bookmarks (and see if any of the five year old ones are still good) and then get exploring some more!


  1. Plain old 'unknown' space can also lead to class 3 systems. My collection of wormhole colours is a pretty decent guide to identifying the class of w-space by looks alone, even if I say so myself.

  2. I thought Unknown was class 1 and 2, dangerous unknown was 3 and 4, and deadly unknown was 5 and 6?

    Oh wait, it was 1,2,3 then 4,5 and then 6, right? I get so confused!

    And your wormhole colour space page is bookmarked already, I'm just lazy. :)

  3. Yeppers, C6s are in a class of their own, and C4/C5 are the dangerous ones.