Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Setting Up

Last night I was setting up a hanger of ships in Pelille for flying with Al and John. Al made it down to Pelille, but John's had more trouble and nearly got ganked. Plus John seems to be more care-bearish than others and is loath to lose a ship on a slightly risky jaunt. He's talking about wait a month until he can get in a bigger boat. Egads!

But that's the thing about Eve: everyone does what they want how they want and no one can make you tow the line. Awesome. So John, if you are reading this, take your time and do what is fun and comfortable for you. Maybe one week I'll fly up to high sec space and fly some missions with you. :)

Al on the other hand, you're going into Boot Camp with me! We need all the firepower we can get on the front lines as our home is being invaded. *cracks whip*

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