Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Question of Victory

Someone asked me on Monday why there had been no blog post for a few days. Well, it was an extra long weekend for me due to Canadian holiday (Happy Victoria Day!) and my 14th wedding anniversary and when I'm at home, I don't usually blog if I have free time, instead I log (in). See what I did there?

What?! That was funny! Sigh.

Anyways I logged in quite a bit for me on the weekend but I was using the time to reorganize. You see, an incident a couple weeks back has left me hesitant to commit my supercarrier to combat in Tribute in the hands of FCs I don't know and don't trust. Since I was deployed almost exclusively for capital combat I felt the need to pull back to Pure Blind to reorganize my ships and put the Wyvern in safety. While I was there, I deposited a lot of unused ships back into low sec. This process was further hampered by a system having a Cynojammer and about 15 ships I wanted to move which I had to do one at a time since my Chimera could not use the jump bridge anymore.

Finally by Monday night I had completed my consolidation and reorganization, picked the handful of ships I would take back to Tribute to carry in the Chimera, and then found myself in my +4 clone which I had no intention of flying to Tribute and a cooling down jump timer.

So I decided to cruise around Placid low sec in one of my assault ships, a Hawk, and check out the old sites around Pelille which is where I lived in my first weeks in space back four and a half years ago. On the way there I jumped into a system and saw a red Helios. I hit approach and started to lock it up, hoping I could kill it and escape the sentry guns. He disappeared and the gate flashed, and a similarly named character in a Wolf assault ship appeared.

Ah, the eternal question of victory: do I think I can win this fight? My Hawk was setup to fight but I was not, with my +4 clone and no blue pills in the hold, so I opted to disengage by approaching the gate and jumping through as my shields were almost gone (albeit with booster off). It was a split second decision and I wish I had gone for it now.

Dammit, I was not mentally prepared for a fight in low sec, but next time I will be ready.


  1. You describe a trap, I think your split second decision was right. Sun Tzu would not approve to fight on the chosen battlefield of the enemy without further knowledge of the situation either. :)

  2. Bah, warp to the furthest belt in system, align back and wait for him to follow, keep scanning 360 for buddies, when he lands keel him, keep scanning, the long warp will delay any help he gets, once he is dead warp to a safe spot, wait out the timer, rinse and repeat.