Thursday, May 26, 2011

Test Alliance, You've Made An Enemy

Last night I was on baby duty so I was logged in just chatting and getting ready for the move back up to Tribute when a corp mate taking a month off due to family illness was starting to move ships back to low sec for security. I offered to help and loaded up a lot of Vagabonds and assorted other Minnie ships in my Chimera.

I got my alt Korannon to pop a cyno and me and another corpie jumped our Chimeras to low sec, docked, unloaded, delivered ships to hangers... all very routine.

Then my cyno ship got popped.

This is not a big deal because you have to assume in low sec someone is going to see that 10 minute cyno and decide that a Tech 1 frig is worth the ammo and sec status penalty, so I lost a Kestrel and cyno generator. Whatever.

But Kirith Kodachi does not forgive and forget such trespasses on my property. SeaCaptain of TEST alliance, your name is going into the Book of Grudges!

Not that anyone in the Book has actually ever suffered any ill effects from me...


  1. TESTies - shooting blues everyday... Sad but true they seem to do that a lot. On the bright side at least they didn't awox the carriers...

  2. My alt was in an alt corp so not blue to anyone, to be fair to the test pilot.

  3. I see a cyno in system and I automatically warp to it and kill the cyno ship, often right under the nose of the arriving caps. Yesterday I killed an Incursus right under the nose of the Archon that had already landed. No thought is given to the pilot, his corp or his alliance. In fact, I couldn't even tell you who it was in that Incursus, only that he lit a cyno when I was in system.

  4. 420 shoot cynos everyday