Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Chink In the Curse

I won't lie to you, folks, I've been cursed. On March 29th I help take down a POS in Geminate back when we were winning the Geminate campaign and since then I've been denied any killmails except for one loss when Kla'strit's Rapier went down to a Pandemic Legion Tengu fleet.

I've been logging in the usual amount (i.e. once a week) and joining any PvP fleet I can find, but just not having any luck whatsoever. Its been demoralizing.

So last night I begged the Eve gods to give me something to shoot that dies when I logged in. There was an FCON shield HAC fleet forming up but I didn't have any shield ships handy. I scrounged around the station and hangers and put together an eclectic Cerberus that boasted a named Invulnerability Field and faction missile launchers. The fleet formed up about 30 strong and we set course for Cobalt Edge hoping Intrepid Crossing could be prodded into responding (or dying).

Eventually after poking around their systems and stations a 50 man Drake fleet came out to play and we were forced to retreat after only killing a Drake and taking some losses in return. In our retreat we almost got a Raven but were forced to warp out with him in low structure.

We spent the next hour playing cat and mouse with the IRC gang, always trying to warp just before they got on top of us. We had some close calls and I think a few losses, but the best kill came when an enemy covert ops landed near us in a safe spot and one of our Muninns one-shot the prober. We all chuckled over that.

After a while a reinforcement fleet arrived made up of Wildly Inappropriate and Goons but IRC had left the field and I logged with only the one kill mail. I don't know if the curse is completely broken, but its a start.


  1. Hope the curse is lifted for you. My problem isn't curses, it's karma. Being a scum sucking pirate tends to weigh the great karmic wheel far to one side, so my losses tend to be spectacular to keep the balance. lol.

  2. I've been having the same bad luck as you. I'm scouring the intel channels for something to kill, and 29 times out of 30 it's a cov ops or cloaky t3. I've actually been strongly considering hitting Tribute for some action, because there's not been much to be had in the friendly areas lately (except Fountain, that place is on fire lately it seems)