Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cynojammers Everywhere!

Last night I was on kid duty as my wife had her free night so I logged in to take care of some simple logistics. The goal was simple, move the Wyvern and Chimera from one secure system to another. Easy right?

Well turns out not so much. The first attempt failed because I didn't check ranges of the two systems (I assumed they were close) and discovered to my horror that even with Jump Drive Calibration V the Wyvern can't make it 11.34 light years, only 11.25. Sigh.

So I needed to find a midpoint jump with numerous floating reds around. I tried three systems with only blues in them and every time there was a cyno jammer. GAH! Is there an easy way to tell if a system is jammed without failing to light a cyno or searching for an online jammer module?

Finally I found an empty system that was not jammed and I jumped to it safely. Since the Wyvern was travel fit it regenerated cap very quickly and I made the second jump to my destination without issue.

* * * * *

On a related topic, in Eve Commune podcast #25 Garheade and Chainer seem to be under the impression that the Jump Bridge nerf will someone negatively affect the threat of cap and supercap hotdrops as they will no longer be able to use jump bridges due to having a jump drive.

I would like to counter that in my years of being in null sec I have never heard or seen a major cap operation make use of a jump bridge network in any degree. The amount of Liquid Ozone fuel required and the logistical effort required make the process very complicated, especially in light of a cyno ship being so much easier, tactically flexible, and cheap to use.

The only case where a number of caps use jump bridges is in ones and twos to deploy into a cyno jammed system ahead of a defensive battle, or for logistic purposes.


  1. Next time you are solo moving a Wyvern, tell me when =)

    But yes, not sure what jamming a system costs these days in ISK, but it is pretty standard. The cost of not having core systems jammed is in these days of supercap force projection simply not a smart idea.

    As for the EVE Commune comments, I am not so sure. Players always figure out the most efficient paths within given game design, and then take it into excess. I could very well consider "stepping over" the new hurdles by adapting old style concepts to overcompensate for the limitations of bridges.

    Here's the thing, we all watch each other in EVE. It is by design, CCP made us schizofrenic. Even without that, watching when someone cycles a jammer is incredibly easy just by following the patterns of targets. At that point, you can seize the moment for the usual hotdrop. Or you overcompensate, and dump a massive amount of supercaps under a hostile jammer, violate the area and then either get out, or farm the area from a pos you set up.

    Just throwing up a ball, obviously. Have a nice hat =)

  2. Using the cynosural fields overlay on the map has worked for me in the past. I don't know if it's 100%, but I have never seen a system with a cyno gen and a system jammer online at the same time.