Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Managing The Minions

Life in the wormhole for my Planetary Overlord alt is a lot slower than usual due to less free time then ever, but when I can the Robotics and Coolant production has continued.

Ever since I moved my lava and plasma colonies to spots closer to the high concentrations of resources, everything has gone perfect on those lines and the processed materials have been moved to the manufacturing planet at a constant stream.

However, my coolant production lines hit a bottleneck. My gas giant producing water ran into severe resource depletion and I had to move the master extractor farther and farther to get more water. However, this crimps production because the upgraded link required more and more power and CPU as a result. I considered picking up the moving the whole colony like I did for the lava and plasma planets but the water resources were thin all over. It was like a straw sucking up the last bit of your drink.

So I checked the other planets in the system, looking for larger deposits of sweet sweet H2O. It was dry except for one planet with massive supplies of water. Unfortunately it was my temperate manufacturing planet which I picked for the nice view and scenic coastlines.

So I tore down my advanced factories for the coolant production and one of the launch pads supporting them and put in an extractor for water instead with five extractor heads. Yeah baby, there's the juice. I moved my coolant production to the ex-water extracting gas giant and we'll see how things go over the next couple weeks.

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  1. the trick I use for resources that are far away from the main group is to place a launchpad with an extractor at the far away resources, then use the import/export system to move the extracted resources into the main colony. it's pretty cheap, not exactly the most efficient, but it beats rebuilding an entire colony as it only costs about a million to do it the way I described.