Saturday, March 12, 2011

CCP, Send My Cheque to 123 Hell Yeah!

Back in October I entreated upon CCP to bring the overview in 2011:
There is one thing that bugs me about the overview. We have 7 classes of ship sizes (frigate, destroyer, cruiser, battlecruiser, battleship, capital, and supercapital) and 3 sizes of icons to fit them all into such that Titans use the same icon as battleships.

(Please excuse my sad MS Paint skills.) The overview has more ability than that and we should encourage, nay DEMAND, that CCP address this deficit. ;-)

In order to be constructive, I have a proposal for new icon classifications.
As you can see, I propose using triangles to mix with the squares for sub capitals, and pentagons for capital and super capitals. For NPCs, perhaps something more subtle.

This small change will allow pilots to quickly pick out the various ship classes faster at a glance rather than having to add the ship type column and scan through it all the time.
Today I had 15 minutes free so I logged into Sisi to fool around with the player character and check out any changes and I was shocked to be presented with new icons in the overview:

Their is a unique icon for capital (same one for the Wyvern FYI), battleship, cruiser/battlecruiser, and I dropped a kestrel from my hanger to see the new one for frigate. The effect is that you can immediately tell there is different hull types on the field at a glance without having to compare pixels on squares.

I approve.

More mods makes me meaner, right?

In other Sisi news, tattoos, sun glasses, piercings, scars, and some new clothes are available. Here is Kirith with some studs, scar, tattoo, earrings, and a nose piercing or two.

Yes, that is a diamond in my nose.

And here is alt Sun Tomah with less modifications as befitting her more public spokesperson role.


  1. Ooh, that's a change I'm looking forward to. It looks good from your screen grabs. Good job with the suggestion!

    And it looks like strategic cruiser shares its type with cruiser/battlecruiser.

  2. That's very cool indeed. Nice one Kirith!

  3. Anonymous6:22 pm

    This looks really good.

    As I can't really get on Sisi right now, and many other people can't, can you iterate over what all the individual shiptypes show up as?

    capital ship
    drones? are drones the same?

    And how do all these show up when they are NPCs instead of players right now?

  4. Anonymous6:05 am

    Nice work with your suggestion!

    I think there is something stuck in your forehead though.

  5. @widdr:
    Here's what I know:
    Shuttle: Small circle
    Frigate: Small triangle
    Destroyer: ?
    Cruiser / Battlecruiser: Diamond
    Battleship: Pentagon
    carrier/dread/supercarrier/titan: bold flatten diamond
    Industrial: rectangle
    Rorqual: bold rectangle
    Drones: same as before

    No idea on Orca or destroyer

    @sebadai: stuck in my forehead... sorry, no translation to Canadian on that one.

  6. Anonymous4:44 pm

    referring to your character pic

  7. Anonymous10:28 am

    But will they allow us another visi to the character creator? No good bringing new features in that only noobs will have access to!!!

  8. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Judging from Sisi, you get to update your existing portrait.