Monday, October 25, 2010

Bring the Overview Into 2011

There is one thing that bugs me about the overview. We have 7 classes of ship sizes (frigate, destroyer, cruiser, battlecruiser, battleship, capital, and supercapital) and 3 sizes of icons to fit them all into such that Titans use the same icon as battleships.

(Please excuse my sad MS Paint skills.) The overview has more ability than that and we should encourage, nay DEMAND, that CCP address this deficit. ;-)

In order to be constructive, I have a proposal for new icon classifications.
As you can see, I propose using triangles to mix with the squares for sub capitals, and pentagons for capital and super capitals. For NPCs, perhaps something more subtle.

This small change will allow pilots to quickly pick out the various ship classes faster at a glance rather than having to add the ship type column and scan through it all the time.


  1. Anonymous10:19 pm

    I agree with the diagram on the right, showing Dessies and BCs as "Oversized".

    I have a nagging feeling that this would cause a shitload of lag in the already borked EVE overview though.

  2. great idea! when i do sanctums its annoying how the frigates and destroyers have the same icon, same with the cruisers and battle cruisers actually.

    it would be so awesome if the UI got some love from ccp because it is getting really out dated.

    fly safe,
    serenity one

    ps. oh btw how do you get the tweet fleet logo in the corner like that? dw if you dont want to give away your secrets, ill work it out some day :)

  3. send it to mynxee i think its a great idea too!!

  4. @Strategicviewpoint

    Actually it only gives the same lag from having the "Ship Type" Column in the overview, the rest ( icon choice ) should all be on the client side.

  5. Nice idea. You may find that the different sizes of triangles may be difficult to distinguish on the overview, though. Perhaps a diamond shape instead of the triangles? (Three edges gives less for the eye to latch onto.)

    I really like the idea of the supercapitals and capitals being different sized pentagrams - it works on so many levels!

  6. @Serenity one: Tweet fleet icon. Smoeone passed out a link a while back. Just ask tweet fleet, someone else will actually remember the details.

  7. When you have capships on the battlefield it's better to have multiple overviews, one for battleships, one for caps, one for supercaps etc.
    in small roams you have shiptype tab...
    And FC need to know shiptype even on big battle field...

    So there is no practical usage for this.

  8. I can think of scenarios where I might not have my overview segregated into different categories. Ability for a scout to tell at a quick glance if the battleship blob he just ran into had any caps or supercaps without having to switch overview tabs for example.
    I know this change would have practical usage for me.

  9. Call me pedantic but industrials have the same icon as barges, a rectangle.

    But i agree, i dont really care for BC and dessies, afterall they use small/medium modules and are small/medium wrecks but i hate caps to look like bs.
    And if it would get changed anyways than yes, make the bc/dessies distingiushable as well though i would prefer them to look more like frigs/cruisers than triangles.

  10. I'm sure some effort should be put elsewhere...

    *cough* CORP UI *cough*

  11. Corp UI is going to need a massive overhaul in order to get done and done right. This type of cosmetic change should take merely hours of code and unit tests.

  12. I really like this idea, and it's one that should be relatively simple to implement.

    Additionally, maybe T2 ships can have a yellow border, T3 green, with T1 remaining white.

  13. I'd definitely like to see this implemented. You're well connected Kirith, can't you just 'make it so'?