Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Tale Of Two Roams

Last week I went on a roam with a handful of alliance mates in battlecruisers, myself in my trusty Drake, and despite going through Cloud Ring and half of Fountain we failed to get any kills and lost our scout/bait hurricane (sorry Vaia!) in the process. Even worse, I logged off in Fountain figuring I could ninha myself back the next day and only two jumps from safety I got ganked (got my pod out) though.

Not a good start to February.

Last night I logged in hoping to turn that around. I found corp mate had already started a fleet for home defence gate camping so I jumped into my trusty Arazu and joined the gang. Eventually we got up to about 20 members of various tonnage so I opted for a roam around Pure Blind, attempting to catch some Vagabonds that were buzzing neighbours. They proved to be too slippery so we head back home and ran smack dab into a new red fleet that was entering our territory from Placid region. A hastily prepared bait was thrown out and taken and we jumped on the four hostiles like starving alley cats on a juicy fish. Cynabal and Sabre down (and their pods) and things were looking up.

The fleet stood down at that point and a low sec POS bash on an offline tower in Placid low sec was running so I hopped in my old Megathron from Paxton Federation days and logged in Kla'strit to get some use out of his Maelstrom and ran over to join the fun, sec status be damned. No hostiles showed up to defend the tower and I had the time to record another episode of the podcast before it blew up (Kla'Strit top damage yo!). I also helped kill a few of the batteries but avoided attacking too many so my sec status was not totally obliterated again.

All in all, I'm sitting at 7 killmails for the month and its not even half over. Its good to be back in an alliance that is active and has lots of interesting tourists.


  1. Now THAT sounds like my kind of fun! Hey are you on tonite? We need to have a chat :)

  2. You want to chat, email me and I can give you my msn. Otherwise, next Monday night is my usual time on.