Thursday, February 10, 2011

Help Me Stop the "Help me Save 'Fiddler's Edge'" Movement

CrazyKinux updated the blog pack recently and left of Fiddler's Edge in a massive oversight. Mord Fiddle, deciding that was a sign to move on, posted:
Having said all that, I've a number of other writing projects that have been on the back-burners while Fiddler's Edge was in flight (more on those in a moment). I've been thinking this last month or so that it might be time to take The Edge off the stove and put other efforts on high boil. Frankly, I was a bit torn about it.

So I decided to let Krazy Kinux make the call for me.

As most of you know, his Krazyness is the patron saint of Eve bloggers. One of his means of promoting the Eve blogosphere is The Eve Blog Pack, where he provides linkage to the blogs he considers the best of the best. He recently posted that he was revising the list and that Fiddler's Edge was one of the blogs under consideration for inclusion in the pack.

I decided that would be the test. If Fiddler's Edge had improved enough to make Krazy's blog pack I would continue the work. If it fell short, it would be time to move on. Krazy announced his new blog pack yesterday and, as most of you know, Fiddler's Edge remains unworthy.  The arbiter has spoken. 

So Fiddler's Edge is closing (closed?) down. But then Crazy Kinux came to his senses last night:
Earlier this week I cleaned up the EVE Blog Pack, removing outdated blogs and adding a fresh new set of prolific EVE Online bloggers. In doing so, I turned down a few bloggers who had made the request to get added to the Pack. Last evening I set myself to the task of cleaning up my Unread emails that were related to this blog. Some of these dated back to last November.

You see, despite the fact that I may not be as productive in writing about my experience in EVE as I was in the past, I still get a ton of emails, which all warrant my attention. And sometimes, some of these request slip through the cracks. Just as great blogs can sometimes get overlooked. Fiddler's Edge is one of those.

Without realizing the terrible mistake I was about to make, I simply declined his request, once again, to join the Pack. And now, Mord seems to have decided to move on.

I've just spent the last hour, going through emails and evemails, from folks asking me to add Fiddler's Edge to the Pack. Mord even wrote about it and got a ton of comments to encourage him to continue and to disregard my blatant mistake. And indeed it was a mistake not to included him.

But hopefully it's a mistake that can be corrected. This is where you come in.

I need you to head over to his blog and add to the comments, and request that he reconsider and continue to do what he's been doing all these months; writing a great blog, for the benefit of his readers and the EVE Blogging community.

And Mord, if you're reading this, I hope you'll forgive this ol'time EVE Blogger, and provide us the privilege to be part of the EVE Blog Pack!
This cannot happen! We must stop CK from adding Mord Fiddle to the blog pack!

There are two reasons. One, his blog is too good, too insightful, too well written and it makes other blogs on the pack, namely mine, look pedestrian in comparison. Unacceptable!

Two, Mord Fiddle has joined the staff at Eve Tribune and I want him to write awesome articles for the Trib and not get distracted by writing awesome articles on his blog. His work on the Trib increases the site's cachet and as a result, I get some blowback fame from being on the Tribune as well.

Its Win-Win (for me)!

So let's stop CK's attempt to revive Fiddler's Edge. Do it for me!


  1. Sooo.. you want us to help you stop the help him save the let me move on Fiddler's Edge ?
    Hum.. *headache*

  2. Anonymous9:23 am

    Too late I already posted a comment saying " keep on keeping on" to Mord. he will just have to write more :)

  3. Although I love Mord being back with his great analysis, you're still my favorite gankistador!

    And although Mord has my attention twice a week, Fridays are, of course, reserved for you :-P

  4. I see what you're doing here Kirith.....