Friday, February 18, 2011


I'm in a stranglehold, by real life. Faced with commitments this week and next week it looked like I was going to miss my PvP time for two weeks in a row. Fortunately, Mrs Kodachi does not have a heart of pure cold stone like I often claim and she acquiesced to let me log in last night.

I logged in Kirith and his wingman and checked for NC Cap fleets up and running. There was one but was being FC'd by a pilot I never heard of before. I checked with my corp leadership and determined the FC was an "unknown quantity" and I should defer this night. I considering damning the torpedoes and joining anyways but I've only got one Wyvern and no means to replace it in a short amount of time (i.e. years) and after the pain delivered by the DRF in Uemon I decided to support the campaign in another manner.

So with Kirith tied up in the Wyvern and no place to safely exchange with the alt I switched over to Kla'strit and found myself in another pickle. There was a shield fleet up operating in Geminate but Kla'strit was still in Pure Blind space and his Maelstrom was still in freaking high sec. I did not plan for this contingency well.

(Side note: in the past I took care of these niggling logistic issues in the mornings before work but my morning routine got thrown all to hell with Carebear Brigade Member #3 changing his wake up time from 7:30 to 6:30, right when downtime finishes. Lately I've been lucky to take care of my PI colonies and I'm considering changing that task to a just-before-bed one. Sigh.)

With a Cheetah covert ops and a Rapier recon available to me and no chance for Eve time again in the next ten days, I was determined to participate somehow. I jumped Kla into the Rapier, joined a fleet making its way to UMI-KK (midway point to Vale of the Silent region) and undocked.

The journey was uneventful, and took a while since there was a lot of jump bridges between here and there but Kla'strit had no bookmarks until I hit RAGE space, and once there I was golden to LS-JEP, our former corp home. I didn't stop to see the old sights though; I puckered up and went alone through Geminate to hook up with the fleet. Fortunately for me the reds were not about and I joined the fleet just in time to help smack a couple SBUs down.

The fleet then moved to reinforce a POS but I was getting tired so I headed back to RAGE space and logged off. Not the best night of my Eve career but I helped hoist the m3 flag at the operation so all was not lost. I'm really going to have to get some more of Kla'strit's ships into null sec though so I have more options. Something to do before my next free night.


  1. There was a roaming frigate fleet up last night for -FA-. You are part of FCON, which is in -FA- right? Zag said he's gonna get frigate roams up every week.

  2. FCON is a neighbour alliance to -FA-. :) I'm in m3 Corp in FCON alliance.

  3. Yo! I was with the shield fleet last night, were you with the armor fleet?

  4. Nah, I was in Shield fleet, and I saw you there. At one point we both x'd up for scouting duty and you said "x cyno rapier" and I put "x tackle rapier". I was going to tease "... and I'm a better blogger ;)" but figured being in my alt it was all too confusing.

  5. Anonymous8:52 pm

    I seem to be missing all the nc fleets atm. It didnt help when they sprung a shield fleet on us and all my ships were armor.. even my raven lol