Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rorqual Versus Jump Freighter

Yesterday on twitter there was a discussion as to why anyone would choose a Jump Freighter over a Rorqual, especially considering the cost. I gave some reasons but felt a quick post comparing them would be helpful.
AttributeRorqualJump Freighter
Cost (approx)1.7 billion4.8 billion
Skills Cost864.9 million238.5 million
Approximate Basic Training Time84 days98 days
Cargo CapacityWith 3 Cargo Expander IIs and 3 Cargohold Optmization I rigs:
Cargo - 126,091 m3
Corp Hanger - 30,000 m3
Ore Hold - 250,000 m3
Ship Maintenance bay - 1,000,000 (but only indy and miners)
337,500 - 367,969 m3
Jump Fuel Bay10,000 m310,000 m3
Fuel Consumption1,0003,300 (but reduced by 10% per level for Jump Freighter skill)
Example Fuel Consumption with JDC IV and Jump Freighter IV, Teshkat to Ordat (1.105 ly)663 1312
Base Range5 ly5 ly
Use Gatesnoyes
Enter High Secnoyes
Can fit modsyes no
Base Effective Hit Points (no modules)523,228~326,264

Ultimately, unless you are moving ore and mining ships / industrials, the jump freighter has over twice as much cargo capacity. Is that worth the nearly twice as much cost to get the ship and the skills? You decide.


  1. Anonymous10:45 am

    Funny, I was having this very debate last week as I was planning Sidaris and Khuna's skillplans.

    In the end I decided the JF was the best, due to the Ship Bay only allowing indies. I loved the idea of the Rorq acting as a mobile field base (Like the Orca's bigger brother) but given it's specialized role I couldn't justify the cost. Whereas the JF has much more utility in the fact that it can jump into high sector, use gates, etc.

    In the end though, minus a jump drive, my Orca still wins out for sheer versatility.

  2. Ability to cloak + lol battlerorq = superior

  3. JF has the benifit of highsec access. Makes it a lot better for high/low and high/0.0 logitics.

  4. I believe the JF wins because of its ability to jump from high to low sec. If you want to import from Jita in a Rorq, you would have to somehow get material across a hisec-lowsec gate, probably using a standard freighter, before you could jump it into 0.0 space. Hi-lowsec gates are generally camped, and a poor freighter does not have a chance. JF's can just jump straight from the high sec system straight into 0.0.

  5. I would choose every Ship for anoter situation:

    To get some Ships into Nullsec, Carrier
    To get fittings, Ammo and small ships JF
    To miner Rorq

    But all in all I would choose a JF.