Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Orca Approaching

When I consigned my high sec hauler Korneilia to the wormhole life last year, I found I needed a new high sec hauler to replace her. I turned to Kirith's older brother Korannon and began the process of training him to move my stuff, first the Charon freighter, then transport ships, and finally we approach the fourth tier of hauling, the invaluable Orca.

He's got a few hours left on Mining Barge V and finally Industrial Command Ships will be his to train.

What's that? What is this all about "fourth tier"? Well, its a little invention of mine to describe the quality of a hauler. It goes like this:

1st tier - Tech I industrials
2nd tier - Freighter
3rd tier - Transport ships
4th tier - Orca
5th tier - Carrier / Rorqual
6th tier - Jump Freighter

(I considered splitting the 5th tier and placing Rorqual above Carriers, but ultimately felt that was not necessary because you likely are not going to skill for both.)

Anyway, what is next for Korannon? Well, he is only 26 days from flying a Rorqual so it is tempting except for the high cost for the ship and the skills, plus the long wait to get good jump skills makes it less appealing. So I decided instead to save up for a Rhea jump freighter for Kirith who has the jump skills already.

Instead Korannon is going to take a break and let Korneilia pick up her training, get some more Planetary Interaction skills up for one more colony in the wormhole.

* * * * *

While we're talking about skills, Kirith finally finished Logistics V last week and moved into Amarr Cruiser V with Tactical Logistical Reconfiguration for carrier Triage module coming up behind that. Then we're going to consider training Minmatar ships and weapons as Maelstrom's appear to be high on the list of ships to own these days.


  1. Anonymous10:32 am

    Working on an Orca alt myself that will also, eventually, do R&D and PI. Flying the Orca is one thing, but is he skilled up for the fittings as well?

    Any good ideas for fittings? Seems like most that I find are mining related (for obv. reasons) but you would use it more like I would (moving ships around and transporting materials and mods).

  2. Anonymous11:37 am

    Goofy as it is I love my Orca above all other ships I've flown, with the possible exception of carriers. It enables so much, especially in w-hole space.