Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nano Whining - Tears At the Speed of Light

My god the ocean of tears will drown us all!

The Nanowhores are in full swing on the forums, complaining bitterly that when the new changes become active that:
- Minmatar will be broken
- 2.4 billion isk Snake implants will be worthless
- Ships with 3 x Polycarbon Engine Housing rigs will be worthless
- speed tanking will be impossible
- blaster boats will not be viable
- Eve will die

To the people who think Minmatar will be broken and unplayable, I say give it time to see what the adaptors come up with. At worse they will be disadvantaged and sooner or later they will come on top again in a future change.

To the people complaining about having spent ISK on implants, ships, and rigs that will not be worth as much later I say GET A FUCKING CLUE. The devs clearly telegraphed this nerf for months in posts, blogs, and interviews. Anyone with half a brain knew something would be done about Ludicrous speeds and if you can't hack it, if you can't adapt, then leave.

To the people saying speed tanking will be impossible I say good. Frigates are supposed to be the size of 747 Jumbo jets; seeing cruisers which are the sizes of massive skyscraper buildings moving at incredible speeds (not so bad) and having incredible physics-defying accleration and agility was immersion breaking for me. It screamed artifact of improperly trhought out game design and not artifact of universal background material. Give me slow pondering ships with real tanks where speed is used to get into better range and not hope and skip out of engagements like sparrows.

To the people saying blasterboats will not be viable I say let's wait and see. The speed descreases affect all ships pretty much and the module changes are universal too. While a blaster boat's web may not stop his target, his target's web will not stop the blasterboat. It remains to be seen what the end result is and more testing is required.

To the people who say Eve will die because of this I say bullshit. Nano pilots make up a small percentage of the playerbase. Even if every nanowhore quit the end result would be a mere blip on the screen. On the other side, so many players that cannot afford the implants and polycarbon rigs for speed setups can now sigh in relief that they have the options of using appropriate missiles and drones to combat fast ships that were basically invulnerable to them before. In addition, the fastest ships will still be damn fast and have some protection from weapons due to their speed; its just won't be invulnerability anymore.

I hope this patch comes to Tranquility soon, I can't wait to see how it changes the game.


  1. Amen brother, bring on the new age!

  2. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Happens every year, I believe last year it was the nanophoon, nano bs that got nerfed, now its the cruisers.

  3. Anonymous5:10 pm


    Damned well said bro damned well said. You made me laugh out loud to my graduate cohort during a break this evening! HAHA...damn sometimes I wish I could write 1/2 as well as 1/2 of us and twice as well as the rest!

    /crawls into flame retardant suit

  4. Seconded! I can't wait to see this all shakes out. And not having a single polycarb rig on any of my ships nor a single speed implant in my head, I find the forum whiners quite amusing.