Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Miss My Nomad

Back in the day I had a lot of fun jumping around low sec and null sec with the Minmatar Nomad jump freighter. It was the ultimate in 0.0 personal logistics and very useful for corp operations as well. I sold it to fund the Wyvern and have missed it many times since then.

I've decided to start saving up for a new jump freighter, the Caldari Rhea this time, since my fleet is nicely filled out and I have no strong need for any new expensive ships at the moment.

Well, that's not entirely true: Korannon will be able to fly an Orca in a month and I'll need to purchase one for him, but that's about it. And a fully fit T2 Abaddon might be expensive, we'll have to see once Kirith gets the Tech II laser skills done.

Small BMTHOKK Update:

Franklen of Tactical Support Solutions, another mercenary outfit, is also coming to the event with a handful of buddies, and like Noir Mercenary Group, will be defending me. At this point I hope some serious bad guys show up to give everyone a good time.

Also, Acinom (aka Jason) of Not A Lot Of News Newshour podcast fame has stated he will be present. This is a perfect opportunity to carry out Jayne's bounty on his head!


  1. Hmmm... Maybe people need to be reminded that KIRITH'S CARRIER HAS TO DIE !!!

  2. I put an notice onto the Agony forums - if that doesn't draw bloodthirsty pilots, I don't know what would.

  3. Wow - this event has really changed.

    Initially it was "hey come kill my carrier, just turn up in whatever, and I'll try and last 30mins -- it'll be fun!".

    Now it's "TSS, Noir, the LiE corp, M3 (and possible the whole of the NC) are going to keeel you if you come to Teshkat. You will need a fleet capable of taking on 00 Incursions to have a chance of surviving."

    I'm now hoping Goons or PL will turn up to even things up ^^

  4. @Ender - WEll, A few m3 guys and TSS guys may show up, only Noir is coming in force as far as I know and I don't know what numbers. I have not heard anything about LiE or NC or CVA coming.

    I'm making contingency plans to make sure a good time is had regardless of the sides.

  5. Good stuff! Glad to hear it's not just me plus Jason and Erin in mining barges vs everyone else! ^^