Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Two things:

1) I've purchased a Blood Raider Ashimmu for the fourth prize to the person who gets on the most killmails during the event.

2) We Got Company! I found this in my evemail inbox this morning:

well Mr. Kodachi..
From: Alekseyev KarrdeSent: 2011.01.11 03:25
To: Kirith Kodachi,

I've read your blog post about the Ninveah. Conviniently, it will be the third anniversary of Noir.'s founding that day as well, and we're on holiday to celebrate.

Noir. will act as your elite body guard for this event. The Ninveah sounds like a fine ship, if this should be her last sortee we'll ensure there's an appropriatly sized cloud of wrecks around her if she should fall.

-Alekseyev Karrde

This is turning into a battle. Let's hope my friends from Noir. are not left with nothing to shoot!


  1. Dont forget to ask CCP to renforce t he node, i think there could be a lot of people there :)

    Sadly it will be 3am for me, and i will not be able to be here :(

  2. Anonymous2:10 pm


    Now what would happen if someone hired Noir. to shoot the Ninveah?

    Not that I have anywhere near enough isk for that...

    That is actually sounding like quite a party. Do you have anyone lined up to Fraps it?

  3. I plan to have Fraps running myself. Hopefully a few others will too.

  4. Jeepers! It's such a looong way to travel, but it is extremely tempting. Oh good grief.

  5. With all the defenders piling up, I hope there will be at least one person actually trying to attack :)