Monday, December 13, 2010

Why Echlon is a "Massive Disappointment"

It bugs me when high-on-their-horse people say "its free so you should appreciate it!" or "remind me to never give you a gift" when someone complains about another useless free ship for the hanger from CCP.

First off, its not free. The artists and developers who made it were paid by YOUR subscription money. So instead of producing a vessel that would integrate nicely in the fabric that makes up Eve's universe for years to come, we get a ship that is limited in number thus intrinsically more rare, thus a bigger target for suicide ganks, thus considered to be worth more.

So anyone with half a brain that follows the "Don't Fly What You Can't Afford To Lose" policy sees that a rare ship that is hard to replace whose function is at best marginally better than a Tech I frigate is not worth flying.

After all, how many Primaes and Zephyrs and Apothesises do you see in space these days? At least the Primae hull got reused for the Noctis salvager so the expenditure on making it was not wasted.

So yeah, I'm disappointed. I appreciate its a gift and not intended to change the balance of the game by giving it to us, but it makes my sad when new ship hulls are produced that will not see the light of day for all intents and purposes. Its a waste.

So here's hoping CCP follows the Noctis example and makes useful versions of the Zephyr, Apothesis, and now Echelon available in the respective loyalty point stores.

EDIT: If anyone thinks I'm frothing at the mouth mad about this, you are mistaken. I actually did not give it another thought until I saw a post today where someone was complaining about my twitter complaint. :) At the end of the day, my Echelons will go into my storage hanger with the rest and I'll never think on it again, nor lose any sleep over it.

And on the upside: Learning Skill Reinbursement tomorrow day after tomorrow! Now that's a gift! Thanks CCP! You're still number one in my books regardless of the Echelon.


  1. Do you want to buy an "O" for your Apotheosis? :))

  2. Anonymous10:13 pm

    I'm hoping that they pull another Primae->Noctis with the Echelon. I'd sure love a T2 frigate (T3?) with bonuses to hacking and archaeology, to go with the Noctis' bonuses to salvaging.

    In fact, I'd be willing to bet ISK that that happens during 2011.

  3. They're not entirely useless - we could all get together on SiSi for a rare ship racing/non-combat e-peen contest thingumy, then somebody can have the satisfaction of destroying us.

    All the while we'll know that the real ones are still tucked safely away on TQ where they will never, ever undock.

    In short, I'm in complete agreement.

  4. Anonymous10:06 am

    /start mancrush
    I think I have a man crush on you at the moment



    /mancrush over now

  5. Totally agree with the rant. Come on CCP make the same decision on this one as you did with the Primae!