Monday, December 13, 2010

Empty Handed

I actually got in a fair amount of Eve (for me at least) this past weekend. Unfortunately I've got nothing but a Cyno Kestrel killmail to show for it.

On Friday night I flew at one point an Ishkur, Onyx, Astarte, and finally an Arazu in various efforts to harass Legio in 6-OQJV along with other corp mates, but Legio seemed unprepared to come out and fight besides a few bombing runs that caused no damage. While it was fun flying with the corp and getting some much needed small gang fighting in, I really wanted some action.

On Saturday night everything was super quiet so I made some necessary bookmarks and then ratted for a bit in the Tengu. I was watching the kids while the wife was out so I couldn't go too far from home base.

Then on Sunday night I was watching the kids again so while they were sleeping I joined in another Legio harassment gang and we tried to catch a Rapier running around as well as a steath bomber and whatever else came by. This is when we pounced on that cyno Kestrel of an AAA pilot in I7S. I started off in my Crow but later moved to the Astarte again to provide DPS should Legio get careless. Alas, no luck.

Being in CVA is pretty much the exact opposite of the Northern Coalition while still being involved in null sec. Whereas in the NC there was always some fleet somewhere chewing on something, often we in m3 are doing the only action in CVA and allies during the North American time zone. This is partly due to CVA being majority in the European time zones and I think our European members are having more action and success than I am.

The current political situation is dicey to say the least. With NCDOT actaully claiming a whole constellation nearby in the PI5 pocket, there is some speculation and concern that they are staying in Providence for the long haul. This leads to the possibility that Ev0ke and NCDOT may choose to evict us completely. Rumour mills suggest that Important Internet Spaceship League have cut a deal with Ev0ke to keep their space. No idea what is up with Legio, Chaos Theory, and The Kadeshi in terms of relations with the others. 

Regardless, CVA is here to stay regardless of the outcomes. If we can't have the space, we'll do everything we can to make it miserable for anyone trying to make a living here.


  1. If the worst comes to worst you can always run up to low-sec and wait for awhile and then try again... oh wait.

    Sorry, you just make it too easy.

  2. Word on the station docks is that Legio is getting ready to cut bait.

  3. @Bryan Ward: I don't think you're really sorry.... ;)

    @Mord Fiddle: interesting....