Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bombs Away!

Last night I logged in, did a couple carrier jumps, and then settled into Providence to look for some pew pew. After a dismal start to December so far, I was hoping to turn it around.

I started scouting in the Crow, checking out neighbouring systems to S9X. I7S and G7A were empty, and 0BZ had a five man team of Chaos Theory alliance running some sanctums or something else ratting related, but quickly safed up at a POS when anything hostile appeared in local.

But in 6-O things looked a little more interesting...

Legio's station services in that system have been a favourite target of local FCs for a while now. A station is not very good use if you can't repair ships or change fittings, right? So Legio was out on the station running repairers on the services to get them back in working order. For us, it presented some targets.

At first there was a punisher doing cyno duty for a carrier so we tried a driveby to kill it for annoyance factor, but the repping Thanatos carrier beside it prevented that from working. There was also a Myrmidon, Dramiel, Dominix, Abaddon, Basilisk, and Osprey on station, along with an Onyx that showed up later. We decided we would form up a bomber wing and have some fun.

We got five stealth bombers, three Manticores and two Hounds. We tried to filter into system casually and formed up for a bombing run. Shout out to our FC, Vaia Sunn for getting us into position without any premature decloaking. We approached, synchronized our ranges, and waited for the order to launch.

Go! F1 to decloak, F2 to launch, and then warp off! As I moved through space I saw I still had two bombs in my launcher. CRAP! I didn't wait before hitting F2 and the cloak deactivation was slower than I expected. No kills (maybe a drone or two) but at the same time, no losses.

We regrouped to try again. As we formed up for another run, we watched nervously as the Dramiel pilot moved around trying to see if we came back by decloaking us. Count down the ranges, get aligned... GO! F1 to decloak, wait a half sec, F2 to launch, see the green flash, warp! It was a successful five bomber launch this time, but did we have any success?

"I got the Myrmidon killmail!" from one pilot. "Osprey here," from another. "Holy shit, I got a Dominix!" Sure enough, three ships downed by our little bombing run. Now, it was mostly due to all of them being setup for repairing the station services with no tank to speak of, but every kill counts in a harassment campaign. The name of the game is morale, folks.

With that done I logged off very happy.

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  1. "With that done I logged off very happy."

    I concur :D
    Nice bombing run!