Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Great Learning Skill Purge of 2010

The second installment of Incursions was released today and with it the learning skills are no more. Praise the Maker!

As planned, Kirith put his reimbursed skill points into Small, Medium, and Large Energy Turrets and got all of them to V for Tech II lasers. Then I used what was left to take care of a couple of the resistance shield compensation skills to level IV.

Meanwhile, Korannon used his reimbursed skills to train Warp Operation to level V and get started on Navigation skill. There are still a lot of basics he still needs to make those Transport ships durable and useful.

Finally, my Wyvern alt used her few hundred thousand points to finish Jump Drive Operation IV so can jump as far as Kirith can with the same amount of fuel usage. This means she can move the Chimera at the same time as Kirith is in the Wyvern (or vice versa in a pinch) which gives me some more flexibility. She is going to continue getting skills for the Wyvern to make her useful... not combat useful but at least logistically useful.

A few other alts had some points reimbursed but nothing of importance came of it.

Now to wait for the final installement of Incursions coming in January.

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